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an account of the series of events making up a person's life

the general progression of your working or professional life

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This book considers the construction of the life histories of genetic diseases, including their association with a mutation, and the studies and aims in medical genetics that contributed to the development of an infrastructure since 1970 for organizing genetic information and genetic diagnosis, as medical geneticists used it to link mutations to specific disorders and expanded the scope of prenatal diagnosis and prevention of these diseases.
Tolson Grange activity co-ordinator Craig Green, who organised the event, said: "It's been fantastic to see our residents and the schoolchildren coming together for this Life Histories project; older people have so many stories to tell, and children love listening to stories.
The study of life histories of different populations in the same species can help us to recognize the driving forces behind the observed differences among populations in life-history traits (Johnson and Bagley, 2011).
Life Histories educational packs have been sent to teachers.
Labaree explores the use of life histories as a research method and the ways it can contribute to new understandings about the experiential relationships between libraries and clients.
2001), a large diversity of fishes representing varied taxonomic levels, ecological guilds, and life histories is commonly taken.
The final component of our research design involves the documentation of workers' life histories through in-depth, ethnographic interviews that explore how their work affects their lives and how they make decisions about their employment.
00), Les Johnson's Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout is the definitive book on the coastal cutthroat, from their habitat and life histories, to the most productive flies, techniques and tackle to use when pursuing them.
of Wainwright, two recent life histories that reflect the lives of North Slope residents.
Although there are no easy answers to the challenges of representing, presenting, and describing life histories, consider the combined effect of removing interview questions for the sake of narrative flow, structuring the book so that Alejandro's story is separated out, and most importantly, stating that his heavy editorial hand has rendered Alejandro's story "utterly useless for any linguistic analysis of Shuar narrative, Shuar history or life history" (73).
Despite very different backgrounds, seniors from all over the map have discovered that they have shared similar life experiences - and all by listening to each other read their life histories in the Life Story Writing Class taught on Tuesdays by Jeanette Shelburne.
This collection attempts to convince the reader that individual life histories can be valid sources for understanding human lives in context.
LEVELERS Traditional approaches to analyzing sex change and other aspects of animals' life histories have looked for costs and benefits of various strategies, but these trade-offs can be difficult to quantify.
Thus, unlike most current systems in which a single or a small collection of simulated entities exists, the number of simulated entities will be unlimited with each entity possessing unique knowledge, emotional associations, and life histories.