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the characteristic bodily form of a mature organism

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If you are able to reduce the numbers to acceptable levels, a proxy for cleanliness, the assumption is that the life forms will not survive under harsh space conditions," Kasthuri J.
Life forms that survive in the Antarctic could indicate whether - and how - life might exist in the extreme conditions on Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa.
Silicon-based life forms now make short work of tasks that once took us many man hours to accomplish.
The same bacterial life forms are alive and well today, living off pyrite and settling in the highly acidic waste waters of mining sites the world over," said Konhauser.
The JCVI team unlocked the door to arbitrarily reprogramming simple life forms, but figuring out how to go through that door and end up where we want remains a largely unsolved scientific challenge.
The economic and ethical controversies of scientific developments such as the invention of a new life form like the Harvard mouse directly resulted in a new development in U.
What the traditional Islamic thinkers said is that you have levels of existence of life forms starting with plant life, which is superceded by animal life through the creative power of God, while this animal life also includes plant life within itself.
BAG calls for an end to patents on life forms that are currently being sanctioned by the World Trade Organization and enshrined in both national and international law.
In the Ganges Valley, Buddhists experienced the forest and its life forms negatively as a source of pain, danger, and struggle.
McKay has scuba dived under the ice cover of Lake Hoare in Antarctica, observing tiny life forms called algae that live on the bottom of the lake.
There is no evidence or suggestion that any higher life form ever existed on Mars.
Most important though, is Cronenberg's suggestion of a purely digital life form at the very end of Videodrome--"The New Flesh.
Venter and his team had created the world's first artificially-made life form in 2010.
We are the dominant life form on our planet, but an extra-terrestrial intelligent life form navigating with compass, square and geometry, travelling space and time would not fail to observe our beautiful planet and investigate.
In this case, religious, animal rights, and environmental groups all filed briefs with the Supreme Court, arguing that a patent on a higher life form should not be allowed.