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life without beginning or end

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And I thought of the Elmwood gravesites All proclaiming Life Eternal and Freedom and Peace and Unity--amidst such obvious loss And separation: "Life--Death," said one, "Then Life and Love Eternal.
When In the Deeps beneath I gatherd of this ruddy fruit It was by that I knew that I had Sinnd & then I knew That without a ransom I could not be savd from Eternal death That Life lives upon Death & be devouring appetite All things subsist on one another thenceforth in Despair I spend all my glowing time but thou art strong & mighty To bear this Self conviction take then Eat thou also of The fruit & give me proof of life Eternal or I die (87:15-22)
We look to "end up" with God in heaven, enjoying life eternal alongside the angels and saints (4).
To be sure, the prophet does not speak explicitly here of the death of death or of life eternal.
On July 11, 2006, the Ministerio Jesus es Sanidad y Vida Eterna (Jesus is Health and Life Eternal Ministries), an evangelical Christian organization, challenged the constitutionality of the concordat in place between the state and the Vatican before the Supreme Court of Justice.
The reward at the end of this trail is life eternal.
And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.
New plateaus of Spiritual understanding are accessed and the gate of entry into Life Eternal is revealed.
He freely gave himself for all of us that we might have life eternal with Him.
Spiritualism has never incited any to war, it has never taught that other peoples' chosen beliefs are less or greater, it is a religion of harmony and brotherhood of all mankind and provable life eternal and the human duties to life that come with that truth.
You shall not measure them; they are incommensurable: the one is death eternal to man, the other is life eternal.
Gill" Daley, 80 years of age, of Hingham formerly of Weymouth and Hanover entered Life Eternal on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Renaissance Gardens at Linden Ponds.
Let us affirm the invincibility of God - for God is life eternal.
He personally guides and accompanies every believer to the end of time and life eternal.
Christ went through suffering and death to show us there is a life eternal, that there is always hope.