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Synopsis -- The report provides market analysis, information and insights into the UK term life assurance business.
Of course, those with no dependants have no need of life assurance, but those who do should consider it very carefully.
The bank has entered into a partnership with Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) and Counter Service Co Ltd, to launch a new bill payment service.
The company which owns 825 estate agents across the UK said that demerging its life assurance group would have no effect on customers.
QA FRIEND of ours has recently died and his widow has to sell the family home because my friend had no life assurance.
In return for a regular premium or one-off payment, Life Assurance policies pay out a lump sum or an income on the death of the person named in the policy.
More than a third of people are put off buying life assurance because they see it as complicated or difficult to arrange.
The court then analyzed the rates used by Great West Life Assurance Company in relation to these requirements.
After putting out a request for proposals and conducting a preliminary search, Equitable Life Assurance Society through its subsidiary, Equitable Real Estate Investment Management Inc.
Under the various alternatives, the RBC of GWLA, the MCCSR of Great-West Life Assurance Company (GWL) and the MCCSR of the consolidated company remain within ratings expectations.
Because people are now living longer they pose less of a risk to life assurance companies, and that has helped drive premiums down.
Top Canada Life Insurers Capital & Surplus 2007 (C$ Billions) Manufacturers Life Insurance Company [06688] Great-West Life Assurance Company [06493] Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada [07101] Canada Life Assurance Company [06183] London Life Insurance Company [06667] Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial [06554] Independent Order of Foresters [60132] Standard Life Assurance Co [66846] Munich Reinsurance Company [Canadian Branch) [66862] RBC Life Insurance Company [66806] Source: Best's Aggregates & Averages
The Canada Life Assurance Company today announced the following appointments to its Board of Directors:
Life assurance is vital at any age as you can never predict the state of your health and you may find you become uninsurable should your health deteriorate unexpectedly.
Atlanta, merged into American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida during April.