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an elected official serving as deputy to the governor of a state of the United States

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Describing the meeting with the president as good, Sisodia said, " We have requested him to ask the lieutenant governor to not do what he is doing.
Bhushan, who is also a senior leader of AAP, was forced to change his tone and said: "We have no problem with the Lieutenant Governor consulting all parties but it should be done in a time-bound manner.
Other than being the second-in-line should the governor die, there aren't many constitutional duties, and some states a including New Hampshire and Maine a don't even have a lieutenant governor.
At the time of his appointment as Lieutenant Governor, Mr Le was regarded as the first Vietnamese-born person in the world who had been appointed to a Vice Regal position.
During the visit to the hospital, the Lieutenant Governor particularly visited the new facilities being developed, especially the new OPDs and gave suggestions to improve the facilities, keeping the patients' needs and concerns in mind.
subject to legislative confirmation] a person to succeed to the office of lieutenant governor if the office of lieutenant governor becomes vacant.
Lieutenant Governor Ravitch further stressed why economic growth is at a halt and how the state currently has fewer resources than before.
Really, what does the lieutenant governor do for Californians other than sub when the governor is out of state?
Under the Pennsylvania Constitution, Knoll will be replaced as Lieutenant Governor by the Senate President Pro Tempore, Joseph B.
The elder Paterson also ran for New York's lieutenant governor in the 1970s--albeit unsuccessfully.
The Lieutenant Governor was envisioned to function in a dualist role, as a representative of the monarch, but more clearly as a Dominion officer doing the bidding of the Federal Cabinet.
He's been a diplomat, an author and the 27th lieutenant governor of Ontario, but James Bartleman might just be remembered best as the person who created a wealth of opportunities for Aboriginal youth to learn and grow.
The organization has donated some 600 children's books to the northern books campaign of Ontario Lieutenant Governor James Bartleman and will continue to work with the campaign in future years.
Crist selected Jeff Kottkamp as his lieutenant governor for a number of reasons, including his wide breadth of knowledge of the issues currently facing Floridians.
In a lawsuit filed this spring, John Mark Clement, an Alabama citizen and election follower, said that Bill Halter (D) is not eligible to run for lieutenant governor because he is not a state resident.