lieutenant general

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a general officer ranking above a major general and below a full general

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General Fath al-Rahman Muhi al-Din Salih Mohamed has replaced Lieutenant General Dalil al-Daw Mohamed Fadlalla as the Chief of Staff of the Navy.
The suspect is a player at one of the clubs here in the category of under the age of 18," said Lieutenant General Dahi.
Because I live near The Fairfax, I would see Lieutenant General Camm at the local supermarket, gas station, and other nearby stores.
Moreover, the recalling of lieutenant general Roy also did not go down well with the defence ministry.
Speaking on day one of the conference, Lieutenant General Lamba will be joined on the expert speaker panel by other key decision makers from the Indian Armed Forces involved in the F-INSAS programme including:
A retired Lieutenant General of the Indian army, AS Bahia, who served as a member of the Defence Appellate Tribunal, told the media that the Canadian Home Office refused to grant him a visa because he had served in the sensitive location of IHK and his unit, the Rashtriya Rifles (RR), was involved in human rights violations in IHK.
Lieutenant General Dahi said investigations revealed it was a malicious report and the person, whom the report was made against, had no plans to do anything against the consulate.
Pollett, United States Army, for appointment to the rank of lieutenant general and assignment as director, Defense Information Systems Agency/Commander, Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations/deputy commander, United States Strategic Command, Global Network Operations and Defense, Arlington, Va.
Robert Wilson has been nominated for appointment to the rank of lieutenant general and assignment as assistant chief of staff for Installation Management, Army, Washington, D.
We want to be the voice of our foreign partners in the C4ISR area," said Lieutenant General Jeffery Kohler, director, DSCA.
On Friday [the brigade commander] said, the lieutenant general appeared at the front gate of the U.
Richard Reynolds, Edwards Air Force Base's commander for nearly three years, has been nominated for promotion to lieutenant general and tapped to head the Aeronautical Systems Center in Ohio.
PITTSBURGH -- Michael Baker Corporation (NYSE Amex:BKR) announced today that Lieutenant General (Ret.
KUWAIT, July 12 (KUNA) -- Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohammad Khaled Alآ[degrees]Kheder vowed here Sunday to resolutely protect and defend homeland While visiting the Striking Squad of the Land Force, Lieutenant General Al-Kheder lauded efforts being exerted to protect the homeland, the Defense Ministry's Directorate of Moral Guidance and Public Relations said in a press statement Sunday.
The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, yesterday signed a Partnership Memorandum with the Secretary of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, Dr Michele Bruniges, AM, setting the stage for greater cooperation between the two organisations.