lieutenant commander

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a commissioned officer in the Navy ranking above a lieutenant and below a commander

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Lieutenant Commander Bill Boaks setting out on the campaign trail in his own special electioneering form of transport - a converted bicycle
The valiant, 26 year old, Lieutenant Commander Manoranjan Kumar of the Indian Navy, died while serving on board INS Sindhuratna submarine on 26th February 2014.
Inset, Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux who was shot dead by a crewman on Friday
Lieutenant Commander Shane Doolin said the Indian Navy has experience of combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Australian Navy has maritime experience, which they can use to work together to solve the problems.
They were Wing Commander John Coxen, Lieutenant Commander Darren Chapman, Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill, Captain David Dobson and Marine Paul Collins.
Tony Kurta, director of Navy Personnel Command's Surface Warfare Division (PERS-41), explained, "Officers in promotion year group (PYG) '05 to lieutenant commander or junior will be XO/CO Fleet-Up officers.
As the flight proceeded on the eighty-five mile vector to intercept, Lieutenant Commander James B.
Thurlow's second-in-command is a jaundiced, malaria-ridden Navy lieutenant commander whose name is John E Kennedy.
Lieutenant Commander Ed McFarland, USN is an Instructor of Security Assistance Management at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management.
This is the most significant seizure we have had since the end of the war,'' said Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Richard Walter.
The report concluded that the compilation of the list by a 48-year-old lieutenant commander, which was the start of the scandal, was an illegal act exceeding boundaries stipulated by the law to protect computerized private information held by the government.
The pilot I was requalilying wits a lieutenant commander who had just finished a tour in D.
On retiring as Lieutenant Commander after 37 years in the Navy, he became the bursar of an international school in Sotogrande in the Andalucia region of Spain.
Lieutenant Commander Richard Bird was said to have slapped honorary midshipman and Birmingham University student Catherine Bagley, 20, when a karaoke machine broke down as they sang Sometimes When We Touch.