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a German art song of the 19th century for voice and piano

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In the fifties, a senator lied to the nation about the Communist conspiracy.
At the original trial, Proctor attempted to explain to the jury why the officers may have lied, using words reminiscent of the statement dirty-cop-turned-informant Rafael Perez made before his February sentencing.
17 that he had lied in his civil deposition in the Jones case.
Few Democrats disputed the contention that Clinton lied.
17, when he denied that he had lied in a deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case by saying he had not had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.
Democrats argued that even if Clinton lied - and several agreed that he did - his conduct does not meet the constitutional standard for impeachment.
As much as I feel that the president should resign because he lied to the American public, isn't enough enough?
On this issue, either Monica Lewinsky lied to the grand jury, or President Clinton lied to the grand jury.
He lied in the (Paula Jones) deposition, and he lied to the grand jury,'' said Peter F.
But Starr's lawyers insisted that their case centers on the affair between Clinton and Lewinsky and that they had to resort to sordid details to show why they believe Clinton lied.
A lawyer who is familiar with Starr's strategy said prosecutors felt they had to include such material in the section of the report that discusses whether Clinton had lied to the grand jury.
We have been lied to repeatedly, forced to fund a long investigation that as it turns out has been vindicated by Clinton's revelation, subjected to fierce stonewalling by Clinton's cronies and made the laughingstock of the world.
And you can tell, by an arch of the seller's eyebrows, a stammer, a nervous shuffle, when you are being lied to, right?
If it were only money the public school lied about, that would be bad enough.
Statistically, their scores were so implausible that they are likely to have lied about the numbers they rolled, rather enjoying a series of lucky rolls.