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a sweetened Rhenish wine (especially one from Hesse in western Germany)

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1989 Black Tower wine style changed from Liebfraumilch to QualitA[currency]tswein Rheinhessen.
With Germany this is due to the self-inflicted image problem caused by mass export of poor wine such as Liebfraumilch as well as the current fad for higher-alcohol wines.
As Liebfraumilch goes, this one is well above average.
Think John McCririck turning up on your doorstep with Edwina Currie, an out-of-date tube of Pringles and a cheap bottle of Liebfraumilch, and you're almost there.
Perhaps the answer lies in all those years that Liebfraumilch deluged the British market.
If you have given German wine the body swerve since the days of sugary Liebfraumilch, try this lemony, dry and crisp Riesling with gentle hints of grapefruit.
What about a crystal goblet of sweet German Liebfraumilch or a hearty shot of creamy advocaat?
In the wine segment together with Cinzano, known world-wide, are Liebfraumilch, Mondoro, Riccadonna, Sella & Mosca and Teruzzi & Puthod all respected wines in their category.
Put two myths to bed First one is that German wine starts and ends with Liebfraumilch.
It's that horrible Liebfraumilch which is apparently Victoria's favourite.
Forget the Liebfraumilch that most of our supermarkets stock.
Cinderella (Kate Pinell) is forced to carry her wicked stepmother's designer shopping bags and her ugly step sisters - Shiraz and Liebfraumilch - spend Prince Charming's ball hunting for Wayne Rooney.
With Liebfraumilch one of the top wines for British drinkers and Black Forest gateau making an appearance at most parties, shoppers could lead a bitter consumer backlash.
It was regarded as the 'favourite of a generation'' raising interest and awareness in quality wine in a country previously awash with liebfraumilch, Piat d'Or and beer.