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They went lickety-split and often here they do not come back, so he did well to finish as he did," said Newmarket trainer Paul Howling, who was delighted this card had been added to the programme earlier in the week.
It was a no-brainer when I figured out I could memorize music lickety-split, but memorizing plant parts was a whole different thing," she said with a laugh.
It neatly bookends the kickoff cut, "Living Well Is the Best Revenge," where the once marble-mouthed Stipe spits out rousing lines of hope lickety-split.
But with his beguiling Lickety-Split (set to the music of quirky Bay Area songwriter Devendra Banhart) already a hit in Hubbard Street's rep, a fellowship to the New York Choreographic Institute coming up in 2008, and a specially commissioned second piece for Hubbard Street debuting in spring 2008, his choreographic calendar is filling up.
But the speeds adopted by Warren-Green and company are more in line with Europa Galante, lickety-split.
When the sensor senses a change in the power curve from the AC outlet, it lickety-split switches the computer over to battery power.
In races that don't make the final cut - like the packaging, spoken word and arranging categories - trophies are essentially tossed to winners during a lickety-split pre-telecast event.
Canadian rockers Protest the Hero play lickety-split metal that grooves along at a frenetic place, squealing and screeching as it goes.
But this novel builds like a steam engine, slowly, powerfully and ultimately rolling along lickety-split, making you glad you took the ride, especially when you get to the end of the line and find something you never expected.
Her eviscerating, lickety-split lyrics, oft compared to Eminem, convinced Def Jam CEO Jay-Z to sign her personally.
I can look at every Broadway rejection and come up with a myriad of reasons: I wasn't dressed for the part; or lickety-split, stop-on-a-dime dancing punctuated by whip-speed head turns toward the audience was not inherently in my personality, etc.
Men, meanwhile, said they'd be out the door lickety-split at the sight of a bassinet.
They went lickety-split from the start and it was a good time.
It's hard to think of Azim Ramelize as paralyzed, the way he maneuvers up the courthouse steps on his crutches lickety-split.
Songs such as "Carry the Torch'' and especially "Need For Speed'' fly at a lickety-split sort of tempo that's both invigorating and easy to bounce to.