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You must consider several things at lickety-split speed, make your shooting decision, and abide by it.
Superb animation and lickety-split comic timing make this one of the best of the genre.
If they were to be made any easier, horses would go lickety-split, resulting in far more fatalities.
A great companion to 2005's Crocodiles Say and Heidbreder's other works, including Drumheller Dinosaur Dance, Lickety-Split and A Sea-Wishing Day.
Henry de Bromhead's stable star's talents have never been in doubt, but there had been some concern about how he would fare over a lickety-split two miles at Sandown on Saturday having been beaten in a three-mile slog at Down Royal a month earlier.
Part of the issue is that some people have been waiting for their Metis Association registration and identification for as long as two years, while others seem to be getting their Meis Association cards lickety-split.
A government with a clear majority may go lickety-split in the wrong direction.
We're in the middle of a recession," Emery said, adding that vacancies in the area will fill in with higher-grade tenants, "so it's not going to be lickety-split.
Tina said, "you know what honey, we're going back to the hotel room lickety-split.
The intensity of Extremely Close contrasts with his playful Lickety-Split, also in the NY season.
In this example you'd need to drive her down town lickety-split constantly reassuring her everything is all right.
It neatly bookends the kickoff cut, "Living Well Is the Best Revenge," where the once marble-mouthed Stipe spits out rousing lines of hope lickety-split.
You'll receive the information you need lickety-split and by way of your preferred medium--whether you want to read small business advice in the magazine, find stock picks at BlackEnterprise.
Laurie Bevan's LICKETY-SPLIT QUILTS FOR LITTLE ONES (9781564777218, $24.