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Synonyms for licit

within, allowed by, or sanctioned by the law

Synonyms for licit

sanctioned by custom or morality especially sexual morality


authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law

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Significant drug-related challenges facing the Indian government include the rise in methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking, the diversion of controlled substances from licit to illicit channels, the smuggling of pharmaceuticals containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and capability deficits and poor coordination among India's various drug enforcement agencies.
India has an exemplary record on controlling its licit opium production and distribution process, despite formidable challenges to its efforts.
Finally, Colin Harte, John Finnis, and Richard Myers determine whether cooperation with or complicity in unjust laws by legislators and the voting public (in issues such as legalized abortion, permissive laws, ballots for more restrictive laws, and health care facilities' conscientious objection) are licit (narrowly, so they judge).
To locate the line between licit and illicit sexual expression, Lawrence carefully distinguishes the relationship between John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner, the defendants in the case, from the traditionally prohibited forms of sexual expression allegedly unaffected by the Court's holding (presumably, relationships and practices such as those on Justice Scalia's list of horribles).
Constricting the licit supply of cultural objects by prohibiting their export is far more likely to cause prices to rise and to encourage the spread of illicit trading than would 'speculation' by museums, collectors, dealers and auction houses trading in a licit market.
12) Brilliantly she compares the "development of licit and illicit desires in pornography" to a "tango--the smooth evolution interrupted by twists and turns, full of yearning and latent aggression on both sides.
VeriSign says it can provide a comprehensive picture of both licit and illicit online activity using data from the 10 billion daily messages processed by its two Internet root servers and from its online payment services for 94,000 businesses.
In the ancients, Anscombe writes, we find discussion of what is virtuous and vicious, just and unjust, but not of what is right and wrong, licit or illicit.
Addictive Disorders is an international journal covering clinical research and treatment issues related to the misuse of alcohol and licit and illicit drugs and the study and treatment of addictive disorders and their behaviors.
The dance symbolizes the Republic's temporary gift of its women to high-ranking visitors, not only for visual consumption (the female body is more visually available in dance than in other forms of activity), but also to touch, something which is licit only through the conventions of dance (arousal but not satisfaction of desire), or through the forms of salutation which are of such intense interest to the Pazzi in 1460 as well as to the letter-writer and, presumably, to his addressee, the Marchioness of Mantua.
Canon 868 of the Code of Canon Law says that for the licit Baptism of an infant only two things are necessary.
He added, "Consequently, Christian legislators may neither contribute to the formulation of such a law nor approve it in parliamentary assembly, although, where such a law already exists, it is licit for them to propose amendments which would diminish its adverse effects.
No circumstances, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit, since it is contrary to the law of God which is written in every heart, knowable by reason itself, and proclaimed by this church.
But he admitted the euro-dollar rate was a larger concern in Frankfurt than Washington because the dollar area -- including countries that use the dollar in currency boards or as licit or illicit means of payment -- was broader than the European Union, both in the present and the foreseeable future.
Although licit to pledge allegiance to the Constitution, for example, Sabetti claimed that it is simply wrong to "assent" to the content of the document, especially regarding the freedom of thought, speech, religion, and the right of divorce.