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Chinese fruit having a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp and a single seed

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Uno de los mayores problemas con el cultivo de lichi a nivel mundial, es la floracion irregular y la muy pobre retencion de frutos.
Effects of chitosan coating on enzymatic browning and decay during postharvest storage of lichi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.
Lichi Super Fruit Diet is a natural weight loss supplement based on the lychee berry fruit, formulated in a proprietary blend of 17 clinically proven, natural weight loss ingredients that work synergistically to aid healthy weight management.
This is especially true when introducing a new product into the category, as Bainbright & Knight will be doing this summer with the additions of Lichi Appetite Suppressant Chews and Lichi Super Fruit Carbo-Cut to its product line.
Un domingo--otra vez el domingo--, semanas despues de su muerte, estabamos en casa del historiador Rafael Rojas almorzando carne asada con arroz blanco y frijoles negros; por supuesto, Lichi era tema de conversacion, recreabamos sus chistes irrepetibles, cada quien tenia un pedacito de el en la remembranza.
M5 Extreme Multi-process, line & screen/tone, prime Lichi Super Fruit Multi-process, color process, prime Hydradermal Rotary screen, line, prime Tequila Reposado Wine & spirits, flexo/letterpress, line, prime Viva Rosso Wine & spirits, flexo/letterpress, color process, non-prime Playboy Bronze Couture Roll to roll, line, prime Rasta Roll to roll, line & screen/tone, prime Sexification Roll to roll, color process, prime
De profesion poeta, guionista, novelista y periodista, Eliseo Alberto, de origen cubano pero nacionalizado mexicano, o Lichi, como le gustaba ser llamado por sus amigos y fans, tuvo durante su incansable vida una prolifica produccion literaria en la que abordo varios generos cuyos textos fluyeron a borbotones gracias a su incontenible imaginacion, inteligencia y capacidad de conmover conciencias y corazones con el uso de la palabra.
Said to be a first-of-its-kind dietary line, Lichi Super Fruit is obtained from 100% lychee extract, which has been scientifically proven to offer numerous health benefits because of its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity value, rich antioxidant content and ability to oxidize fat.
The Lichi Super Fruit Diet from Bainbridge & Knight is a natural weight loss supplement fueled by the exotic lychee berry fruit.
Releasing its manifesto ahead of the election the BJP leader Lichi Legi claimed that Congress is not at all concerned about the people and their safety.
Pine apple, oranges, lemon, lichi, papaya, banana and peach walnut, almond etc are also grown in Arunachal Pradesh.
En tanto hombre corriente, te haces llamar Lichi, como te llaman tus amigos y familiares.
For the third time renowned designer Perla Lichi from Florida will be promoting her design services at the Index show with her staff on hand throughout to greet new clients and re-connect with the many contacts she has established throughout Dubai and the Middle East.
ConferenceCentre, the Perla Lichi salon of celestial interior design is very much in Dubai business.
The entertainment for the event was Lichi Fuentes's terrific band, and it was impossible to stand still to their bouncing, dimpling rhythms.