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Synonyms for licentious

Synonyms for licentious

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lacking moral discipline

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While the daily print headlines and primetime television newscasts are getting more disgusting, boring, sensation-oriented, insensitive, and licentious, it seems that the Aquino administration is helpless and incapable of controlling and guiding media events and civil society.
Not even in the licentious days of Charles II in the 17th century was it acceptable for women to dress as provocatively as they have done in Western culture since the 1960s.
Traditionally, Anne Boleyn was seen as a pawn manoeuvred into Henry VIII's bed by an ambitious father and his friends, or as a sexually licentious predator, even a witch.
NNA - Officials must intervene to put an end to licentious security situation in the North, Jama'a Islamiyya deputy of the House Imad al-Hout, told supporters during their sit-in at the ministry of the Interior today.
Deemed licentious, the text was banned, but the Supreme Court overturned the decision.
Anne Boleyn is traditionally seen either as a pawn manipulated into the king's bed, or as a sexually licentious predator, even a witch.
Admittedly the American soldiery seem particularly brutal and licentious, but aren't we all adult enough to understand that every victory since time began has been celebrated by barbaric rites accepted by military leaders as justified high spirits among other ranks.
Hen remains racing's greatest surprise package, the fractionally prim public image giving no clue to the achingly funny and often wildly bold remarks that emerge during the constant banter between the licence holder and her formerly licentious other half.
In the previous book, Swoon (Simon Pulse, 2009/VOYA April 2009), Dice and her cousin, Pen, accidentally tap into their clairvoyant powers and bring Sin, a licentious troublemaker from the 18th century, from the afterlife into the party scene of a rich New England town.
The furore over the killing of Punjab governor Salmaan Tasser for allegedly licentious behaviour is merely the latest and most extreme example of an appallingly divisive issue, the paper said.
Italian women are particularly incensed over how Berlusconi's licentious behavior with young girls has harmed their dignity and harmed the country's image.
When traditional and religious standards of every faith are ignored and generally mocked, what exactly do we expect of our children as they grow through puberty in a secular and licentious society?
Cautioning that the House did not offer a licentious environment, he also berated the unruly and un-parliamentary attitude of elements, citing an incident where a serving minister had answered his speech with his sleeves rolled up (for a scuffle), while an honourable MNA was busy spreading baseless news about him (Nisar Ali Khan), of not shaking hands with people due to conceited pride.
THERE''S no shortage of drama for the licentious ladies in Mistresses (BBC1, 9pm) this week as they are plagued with more affairs of the heart and domestic strife.
Eleven hundred and sixty-three years after the foundation of Rome,' Gibbon pronounced, 'the Imperial city, which had subdued and civilised so considerable a part of mankind, was delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia.