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a fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine)

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He discounted the influence of the increased licensing fee, which will be offset by continuing expansion of the company's sales.
He said licensing fees enable city officials to control illegal street vendors and other illegitimate business that competes with legitimate local businesses.
The state merely allows the city to charge occupational licensing fees, he explains.
In addition, the court's conclusion that accrual concepts required the prepayments of insurance and licensing fees to be prorated over the period to which they relate is inconsistent with Regs.
Eliminating the licensing fee will encourage many new product developers and designers to discover the freedom Unicoi offers to them: freedom from expensive licensing fees, freedom from project risk, and the freedom to enhance their productivity and speed time to market.
The bills require "crystal-clear" fee standards; an outline of exemptions; the creation of a viable forum for resolving licensing fee disputes through binding local arbitration; a list of titles from the licensing organizations published as written directories of their repertoires every six months with updated computer on-line access; a restriction on landlords and convention owners from liability because a tenant or exhibitor renting space plays music; and an obligation imposed upon the Department of Justice to report annually to Congress regarding their oversight of the music licensing system.
The revenues we're deriving from the licensing fees as well as our anticipation for the royalty stream from operating plans will allow us at HYFS to develop our signature biofuel.
Make it cheaper to alter than to pay the higher licensing fee.
If an organization wishes to advertise their product's compliance with one or more OpenGIS(R) Specifications, the OGC does charge a trademark licensing fee.
Simula noted that this transaction represented the single largest up-front licensing fee negotiated since it began aggressively monetizing its patent portfolio in 2000.
The company also announced today that in February 2002, the agreement with Fresenius HemoCare related to the PROSORBA column was further modified to extend the license fee period to seven years and fix the future licensing fees based on sales during the licensing fee period.
Assuming a successful product launch this royalty and licensing fee could generate over the next several years in excess of $1,000,000 per annum.
For instance, the method used to estimate state and local tax levels doesn't take into account estate taxes, and it ignores licensing fees (e.
Licensing fees would be resolved through binding arbitration.
In a series of four reports, Chick showed numerous areas where the department could improve, including in collecting licensing fees and resolving complaints.