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a plate mounted on the front and back of car and bearing the car's registration number


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He said he had been planning to pay off the amount by selling the license plate for an even greater profit later.
This includes around 300,000 pairs of license plates and 400,000 plates for motorcycles in which about half were already released by the agency to vehicle owners prior to the TRO issuance.
Covered by the restraining order issued on June 14, 2016 are the 300,000 pairs of license plates for cars and 400,000 license plates for motorcycles.
The license plates, included in the new traffic laws ratified in April 2015, are manufactured with special technologies that prevent forgeries.
In[5, 6], two new algorithms have been presented to detect and recognize Malaysian license plate number.
In reality, however, license plate scanners remain a largely unregulated technology.
The application for approval of a Special License Plate benefiting the Historic Virginia Range Wild Horses focused on two primary elements - Public Safety and Public Education.
Vehicles with Mexican license plates that the agency can't bill have made up roughly one percent of the traffic on El Paso's only two toll lanes since they opened in January 2014.
The EZ-ID license plates would reduce state license plates from six characters to five and have one of those characters become a symbol such as a diamond, heart or other easily recognizable symbol.
For automatic license plate detection systems, researchers have used many diverse methods, including corner template matching [6], Hough transform [7][8][9], histogram analysis [10][11][12], and morphological operations [13].
Thus, we make full use of the color information of the license plate.
The new license plate could help avoid such funding ups and downs.
Continue reading "'South Carolina Stands With Israel' Says New Vanity License Plate Option" at.
There are a lot of specialty tags that are pretty popular with organizations and groups, so the league decided why not have a special license plate for credit union members, because it would be a good way to raise funds and promote the credit union movement," said Carole Langiu, communications and governmental affairs director for the Delaware league.
But the spread of license plate reading equipment is another signpost on the one-way highway toward a loss of privacy and anonymity.