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a fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine)

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TMA Rawal town tax department has decided to refer the matter of the wholesaler chemists to district collectors who have not paid license fee since the last 7 years.
The license fee is one way to finance it, according to Ofcom.
The total of TV license fees paid in fiscal 2004 by viewers of Japan Broadcasting Corp.
Testimony objecting to the unfair classroom license fees demanded by ASCAP and BMI was heard in July by the Sub-Committee on Courts and Intellectual Property of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington D.
Generally, Customs's position had been that royalty or license fee payments based on sales in the United States or other post-importation events were not subject to customs duty.
If the buyout option is exercised before the fifth anniversary of the Intellicoat agreement, all annual license fees and supply payments that have not been paid to Landec will become due upon the buyout.
The loss of the funds stems from a 1991 vehicle license fee ``realignment'' program that provided VLF funds to county health, mental health and social service programs, said county Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Sharon Harper.
The ruling negated TVG's contention that Youbet had to accept money-losing wagers in order to pay TVG its full license fee.
GLENDALE - The city, which does not charge license fees for dogs that assist the blind, might start waiving license fees for dogs that guide the visually impaired, deaf and disabled.
Nasdaq:DEPO) announced today that the company is in discussions with Esprit Pharma regarding the $10 million license fee due Depomed under its agreement with Esprit for marketing ProQuin(R) XR.
ISLAMABAD, March 04, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Thursday justified increase in license fee on grounds that increase was too small as compared to price hike in the country.
But about $500 million has simply disappeared, a result, state officials say, not of any new policy but of the state receiving less revenue than expected from the vehicle license fee.
Depomed has also extended the due date for the $10 million license fee payable by Esprit until December 2006 rather than July 2006 to provide Esprit with financial flexibility for continued promotional emphasis on ProQuin XR.
The 10-Day Nonresident Sport Fishing License fee will increase from $29.
Public-service and free-to-air broadcasters and metadata service providers who obtain a license during the early adopter period will be able to use the patents through May 31, 2017 for a license fee of $10,000 (not including a one-time administration fee of $10,000).