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the words of an opera or musical play

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Like the 1849 play by Murger and Theodore Barriare, the opera's libretto focuses on the relationship between Rodolfo and Mima, ending with her death.
The selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to Toni MorrisonAEs libretto Margaret Garner and its musical realization, the Margaret Garner opera and the Margaret Garner case, the preproduction outreach campaign, the historical and libretto representations of Robert Garner, and a variety of other related subjects.
Libretto has more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience in global technology organizations including Lotus, IBM, Nokia, and most recently as managing director, global head of digital experience at JPMorgan Chase (JPMC), the largest bank in the US.
The musical has a libretto by Nicanor Tiongson, music and musical direction by Joed Balsamo, set design by Toym Imao, costume design by James Reyes, choreography by Denisa Reyes, lighting design by Catoy, sound design by TJ Ramos, video projection design by GA Fallarme and direction by Chris Millado.
Each presents the plot, background of the production, instrumental and vocal requirements, as well as scenic and costume needs, and both provide the entire text of the libretto in the original Italian, with an English translation.
The entrance of the horse-drawn carriage - cocchio in the Italian libretto - from Arras in Act I is in no way made any less of a horse-drawn carriage by the preceding ascending chromatic scales, trills and bellcollar - orchestration that would have been unthinkable when the original story was published.
The libretto by Gene Scheer is here, as are photos (by Karen Almond) of performers, and production and narrative on the making of the opera by Melville scholar Robert A.
Anyone who can read English and has ears to hear would do better to listen to a CD whose liner note includes Morell's original libretto--not the libretto printed in this volume, a late variant used by Handel in 1758, when he was no longer making his own arrangements of his works, and taken from the 1866 edition by Friedrich Chrysander, None of the authors seems to be aware of the good and cheap Novello edition (1998) by Merlin Channon, which explains Handel s progressive alterations and cites Morell's explanation for the story s compression; this matters when the issue--as in several essays here--is the dramatic structure and sense of the text.
For these reasons, the study of opera has often been delegated to musicologists who, for obvious reasons, tend to privilege the score over the libretto.
To wit: in 1786, Antonio Salieri composed a one-act opera on a libretto written by Giovanni Battista Casti entitled Prima la musica e poi le parole, decidedly putting words in second position and two centuries later, in 1942, Richard Strauss in Capriccio reviews the arguments of this long lasting debate, but leaving it unresolved in his opera.
Drawing on its heritage of producing quality and reliable notebooks, introduced three new stand-out products: a limited edition of the Libretto W100--the world's first dual screen notebook running Windows 7; the Portege R700--Toshiba's lightest and thinnest, full-function 13-inch notebook; and the AC100 Cloud Companion--an Android-based mobile Internet device that combines the functionality of a smartphone and a netbook.
The closest thing to a tablet computer it has is the recently announced Libretto W100 Concept PC.
LITTLE LIBRETTO became the first winner for Librettist when beating stablemate Bajan Bullet in the novice race at Nottingham yesterday.
Helan is hired by a Chinese-American named Tang to write the libretto for his opera.
Of the five works studied by Vivienne Suvini-Hand, only Luigi Dallapiccola' Ulisse (Berlin, 1968) has a libretto.