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the words of an opera or musical play

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And because Marshall enjoys hearing audiences laugh, especially when the alternative is stunned incomprehension, he has altered the work's 19th-century libretto to appeal to modern tastes.
The Libretto L1/060TNMM, with a 600MHz Crusoe processor, features a small, lightweight design with a low power, 10" wide SXGA TFT screen and a 10 gigabyte hard drive.
Religion," the libretto objects, "/Has always /Taught us IA world /Of answers/Instead of a world of questions.
1990 Publishes novel The Great World (awarded the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Miles Franklin Award, and the Prix Femina Etranger) and writes libretto for Meale's Mer de Glace, which premieres at the Australian Opera.
There are many things to praise in this volume: Sabol not only provides a facsimile of the 1613 printed libretto, but also inserts an edited and line-numbered text in its proper locations throughout the score; the various illustrations are apposite to the discussion; and important related material is presented in four appendices.
Another libretto to receive two chapters and close analysis is Salvi's Amore e maesta (1717), also based on Le Comte d'Essex.
If weight, not power, is your main concern, consider the Libretto 50CT.
The libretto was translated into Italian and then recorded by Jay Brazeau.
Toshiba showed its new pocket-size notebook, the Libretto 50CT, aimed at travelers.
The result is a rich libretto based on historical events and the writings of Bolivar himself, all woven into a vibrant musical score.
If opera is a bastard art--the "illegitimate" offspring of music, libretto, dance, historical costume, and theatrical production--then novelist-critic Littlejohn (like Edmund in King Lear) argues that bastard is best.
Menotti himself wrote the libretti for all his operas, which have been notable for their unusual theatrical effectiveness as well as their music, and also wrote the libretto for Samuel Barber's opera Vanessa.
His major works include incidental music to The Black Maskers (1923), eight symphonies (between 1927 and 1968), a violin concerto (1935), three piano sonatas, two string quartets, two cantatas, and the operas The Trial of Lucullus (1942; libretto by Bertolt Breciit ) and Montezuma (1941 - 62; libretto by G.
Revealed as Part of Toshiba's 25(th) Anniversary of Laptop Innovation Milestone, libretto W100 Demonstrates Next-Gen Ultra-Mobile PC Design With Full Windows 7 Functionality
The Fisher has thousands of libretti, including the first ever published, La Dafne by Ottavio Rinuccini (1600), as well as the same author's libretto for L'Euridice, which is the oldest opera for which a score also survives (by Jacobo Peri, also 1600).