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Synonyms for liberty

take liberties or a liberty


  • not show enough respect
  • show disrespect
  • act presumptuously
  • behave too familiarly
  • behave impertinently

Synonyms for liberty

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

the condition of being politically free

departure from normal rules or procedures

Synonyms for liberty

immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence

freedom of choice

personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression

Related Words

leave granted to a sailor or naval officer

an act of undue intimacy

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The anthology presents a variety of approaches to the theme of religious liberty, including academic essays, theme interpretations, and sermons.
Furthermore, why for so many years after 1776 was liberty enjoyed only by white American males, generally property owners?
The American flag is the symbol of liberty, and men rejoiced in it.
To understand how the Liberty Paper Dreamworks Coating Solutions project arose, one must understand the entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking attitude of the company.
The tulip poplars, given to the cities by AMERICAN FORESTS and Taylor Guitars, were offspring of the last of America's Liberty Trees, trees the colonists rallied around on the way to American independence.
The New York Liberty Bond Program represents a unified and flexible initiative that will allow the city, state, and private sector to jointly rebuild, renew, and enrich Lower Manhattan with new investments," Bloomberg said.
Berthoff identifies the distinguishing American character trait as a balance between personal liberty and communal equality.
What appear to be the two opposing poles in the contemporary federalism debate are actually united in one crucial belief: that individual liberty is but a minor consideration in the distribution and exercise of governmental powers.
We are very enthusiastic about working with Liberty Diversified Holdings, Inc.
Each of the 13 original colonies had a Liberty Tree that served as a rallying place on the path to freedom; Maryland's, on the grounds of St.
White male liberty has almost always come at the expense of women, children, and ethnic minorities; white male Iiberty has usually been the antithesis of womenss liberation.
Liberty Property Trust (NYSE:LRY), which owns and manages more than 65 million square feet of office and industrial space in the U.