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Synonyms for liberty

take liberties or a liberty


  • not show enough respect
  • show disrespect
  • act presumptuously
  • behave too familiarly
  • behave impertinently

Synonyms for liberty

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

the condition of being politically free

departure from normal rules or procedures

Synonyms for liberty

immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence

freedom of choice

personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression

Related Words

leave granted to a sailor or naval officer

an act of undue intimacy

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Parts of that Act--both permanent provisions and those that are scheduled to sunset later this year--have become lightning rods for debate around balancing civil liberties with homeland security.
MacArthur Foundation, the Education Fund launched its project entitled "Local Voices: Citizen Conversations on Civil Liberties and Secure Communities" in February 2005.
This is the president who is working hard to diminish every person's right not to be compelled to support religious institutions financially, to weaken the right of women to reproductive choice, to diminish civil liberties, and to pack the federal courts with judges less than optimally committed to upholding the rights of the people.
State governments should respect the liberties of their citizens and protect them against federal intrusion.
Central to this tradition was the view that "that government governs best that governs least' " We can see the descendants of classical liberalism today in two disparate groups: free-traders and private-property-rightist like George Bush and Dan Quayle, columnist George Will, and Ron Arnold of the Wise Use Movement on the one hand; and civil libertarians, pro-pornography advocates, and sexual liberals like Madonna, Camille Paglia, Hugh Hefner, Bob Gucccione, and the American Civil Liberties Union on the other.