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someone who believes the doctrine of free will

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Schlueter presents his natural law liberalism as a defense of the conservatism of the American founding and the best synthesis of the libertarian, traditionalist, and neoconservative strands of the modern right.
That makes a trio of Libertarians as part of the party's House caucus.
Texas will give Libertarians a ballot spot during the state's next general election, after the party's candidate for state railroad commissioner nabbed more than 5 percent of the vote - the threshold a party needs in a statewide contest to keep ballot access.
He rejected the idea that Libertarians have an isolationist foreign policy outlook, explained his view on (http://www.
Ever since 1964, when Barry Goldwater ousted the Rockefeller wing of the party, Republicans had limned libertarian rhetoric on economic issues--a trend that continued through the Reagan years and beyond--albeit without putting theory into practice.
in a libertarian society, it would be appropriate to ban the torture/cruel treatment of animals, in that, as humans, we can empathize with the horror of unjustified pain.
A Reason-Rupe poll from spring 2014 found that while they're libertarian on social issues and immigration, millennials are not great when it comes to economic matters.
Justice Stephen Field dissented and unwittingly became the patron saint of the libertarian legal movement.
But before that he wrote under his own nameplate, "The Loose Cannon Libertarian.
Given plenty of time to recover from those exertions by new handler Charlie Appleby, Libertarian should be well refreshed, and with cut in the ground now highly likely, conditions look sure to suit and the presence of William Buick in the saddle is another plus.
Following the speech--which was hosted by the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this magazine--New York Times science columnist John Tierney interviewed Haidt about his research on political ideologies, his views on morals in politics, and why libertarians aren't easily disgusted.
Brennan considers "the basics" and proceeds with discussions of what freedom is and why it is important, human nature and ethics, government and democracy, civil rights, economic freedom, poverty, contemporary sociopolitical problems, and libertarian involvement in the political process.
Tomasi shatters the ice encasing the Rawlsian liberals, setting them free to drift toward the libertarian shore.
The Libertarian platform is closer to Democratic ideals.
These sections are likely to help form many readers' opinions regarding libertarian political philosophy.
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