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Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

give equal rights to


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release (gas or energy) as a result of a chemical reaction or physical decomposition

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Her work makes bitterly clear which women were being discussed in liberationist writing and speeches.
a whole generation of gay liberationists in Europe (and when brought out
Liberationists see a hidden violence in social arrangements that create hunger and poverty.
There is one glaring misstep: an incoherent diatribe against outing, which not only has nothing to do with anything else in the book, it illogically cuts against Sullivan's point where it would work in his favor if allowed: Outing by its nature contradicts the liberationist idea that homosexuality does not exist.
In our lead article, Steven Hill discusses this question of individual rights versus social responsibilities in the interesting context of the tensions within the feminist movement between liberationists and lib, ertinists.
HOW unfortunate that this cowardly government is prepared to wave the white flag once again in the face of the stupid but all-too-predictable fury of the animal liberationists when the subject of badger culling is raised.
Old-line gay liberationists are troubled by this seemingly conservative retreat, which raises the question: why are social conservatives not troubled by a policy that discourages marriage between straight couples?
In this regard, Boersma appeals to the Latin American liberationists and to the contemporary movement for restorative justice, noting how their concerns comport with the Bible and Christian tradition.
I can understand what drives the Animal Liberationists.
There have been especially rich cross-fertilizations between the liberationists and the poststructuralists, since the study of racial and gender oppressions is furthered by poststructural analyses of rhetorical exclusions.
Consider Andrew Sullivan's gratuitous attacks on ACT UP or his carve-up of the community into essentially two warring tribes: liberationists and advocates of assimilation.
The pro-sexers aren't feminists, but sexual liberationists.
I know that the animal liberationists get up to some strange antics but surely this is a step too far.
The best the Equality Riders could hope for at these institutions would be nothing akin to the vision of the gay liberationists who preceded us, who imagined a multicolored new world that embraced and celebrated difference.