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Synonyms for liberalness

an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom


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the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament

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that a positive relationship existed between liberalness and the
My assumed liberalness, combined with the fact that I came of age in the Swinging Seventies, should ensure that I'm a free-love, church-disdaining, censorship-despising "Why is Janet Jackson's boob a big deal?
72) and good discriminant validity as supported by low correlations with intelligence, social desirability, and political liberalness (Lester & Bishop, 1997).
Your liberalness, we see plainly, is only for yourselves and your sympathy with us is that of the wolf for the lamb which he deigns to eat', he scornfully commented.
These numbers may understate reporters' liberalness because of frame-of-reference effects; a reporter who is liberal relative to the national median voter may appear moderate in comparison with even more liberal coworkers.