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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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The point I made in the earlier articles was not one against trade liberalization, but the need to allow for gradual liberalization, to liberalize only with countries at similar levels of development and to start full liberalization only once countries have fully industrialized.
Prudential Liberalizes Underwriting Guidelines: Prudential Financial has liberalized its life insurance build requirements for ages 18 to 64, thus making lower premiums available to more people.
Liberalizes provisions regarding the qualification of foreign banking organizations for exemptions from the nonbanking prohibitions of section 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act
It substantially liberalizes investment within the region.
When the IRS issues proposed regulations for taxpayers to follow in preparing income tax returns, a protective claim for refund may be appropriate, if the Service liberalizes its position at a later time and the statute of limitations would, in the absence of filing such claim, bar a claim for refund attributable to the change.