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Synonyms for liberality

Synonyms for liberality

an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom


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the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament

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For the liberality of Jones, if he had known it, was not an example which he had any obligation to follow; and there are thousands who would not have contributed a single halfpenny, as indeed he did not in effect, for he made no tender of anything; and therefore, as the others thought proper to make no demand, he kept his money in his pocket.
John, a man of generous disposition, as was shown by his extreme liberality to his brother, the famous John Andrea Doria; and what made his death the more sad was that he was slain by some Arabs to whom, seeing that the fort was now lost, he entrusted himself, and who offered to conduct him in the disguise of a Moor to Tabarca, a small fort or station on the coast held by the Genoese employed in the coral fishery.
to add, that it refunded the money with the greatest liberality, at the first demand.
The farmers were bound to throw in something, to sort of offset my liberality, whether I would or no; so I let them give me a flint and steel; and as soon as they had comfortably bestowed Sandy and me on our horse, I lit my pipe.
His attentive behaviour to herself and his sisters convinced her that their welfare was dear to him, and, for a long time, she firmly relied on the liberality of his intentions.
for the Barmecides were famed for their liberality and generosity.
It is with extreme regret we learn that he has recently been compelled to dispose of his establishment at Wappatoo Island, to the Hudson's Bay Company; who, it is but justice to say, have, according to his own account, treated him throughout the whole of his enterprise, with great fairness, friendship, and liberality.
No one then imputed to pride, or even impertinence, as would be done nowadays, this liberality on the part of the first minister.
This unexpected liberality, which made it nearly as profitable and infinitely less hazardous for Rose to remain honest than to play the rogue, completely disarmed him.
She was allowed to cover Malacanang after Rappler was declared to be controlled by foreigners by the SEC only because of liberality of the President.
Today's youths live in a more liberal society and they can use that liberality to excel or to destroy themselves.
PPPs call for innovation and outside-the-usual thinking whereby business decisions must be afforded liberality and latitude.
Minister of Defense Sedki Sobhy inaugurated the ceremony by praising Hegazy, thanking his liberality during his service, saying that the former chief of staff served the nation in the most difficult period of history.
If the liberality and partiality in favor of the complainant in the initial hearing set the tone, the impeachment proceedings should be called 'in aid of the complainant.
Gary Alejanos impeachment case against President Rodrigo Duterte, the committee made it clear that admission of a complaint notwithstanding defect in the verification in the exercise of liberality, would be the last time.