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Synonyms for liberalist

a person with liberal political opinions

Synonyms for liberalist

a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

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The liberalist obsession with keeping inflation and budget deficit artificially low even at the cost of slow growth and rising unemployment must be done away with, both on moral and economic grounds; and if only because slow growth and rising unemployment form a toxic combination that will undermine democratic societies.
By rendering the liberalist notion of freedom absolute through legislative reforms and corresponding policy and programmatic responses, the advances in the economic, social and political status of some Blacks and women would suggest that freedom has been achieved.
Discrimination, social divide, poverty, inequality, and degradation of other cultures are the adverse impacts of liberalist policies.
This traditional attitude of the juristic thought was generally more pronounced among the traditionist or literalists (the Ahl al-Hadith) than that of the Rationalists or liberalists (the Ahl al-Ray).
and informed by O'Faolain's own liberalist agenda; it is a point which Matthews appears to overlook.
But, the main point is that in the last ten years, the UPA Government has generated a liberalist environment in the entire country," he added.
In these new social-historical and economic circumstances induced by the manifestations of the world crisis (2007-2010), the liberalist conception itself lost its logical justification because the state is really called to interfere as people and institutions' saviour during crisis times and it does no longer play a passive role in economy (resumed to collecting taxes and fees), as it happened during the classical stage of capitalist evolution.
Aydin's investigation is rooted in realist and liberalist international relations theory.
The liberalist demanded that religion is kept out of things, as people should be judged based on their acts and not on whether they're Muslim or Christian.
The liberalist approach to the FCC's role in radio regulation, as well as the absolute negative liberty explanation of the First Amendment, fail to explain the Fairness Doctrine.
In light of this fact, the role of the term homo economicus, which was proposed by economic liberalist Adam Smith (2004), is significant in classical finance theories.
However, this development might simply reflect that safeguarding industries and jobs has become a primary concern, rather than implying a shift away from a broader liberalist norm.
the weakening of social democracy and the ideas of a collectivist and solidaristic welfare state and the revival of liberalist ideas, which not only abandoned Keynesianism and revitalised the less interventionist strategies of monetarism, but also included an ideological reorientation putting the individual in focus.
Southeast Asian security studies have accumulated knowledge, explanations, and understanding in a few partly competitive, partly complementary constructivist, realist, and liberalist theory-baskets.