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Synonyms for liberalist

a person with liberal political opinions

Synonyms for liberalist

a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

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Liberalists including Kofi Annan argued that the 'security dilemma', which is built on the premise that one country improves its security at the expense of other states, had been averted.
However, mercenary culture of the market for medical services is a recent development having its origins in all-encompassing liberalist ideology.
The book's first chapter, "The Animating Ideal," examines tensions between a realist and liberalist approach by exploring the intellectual foundation of humanitarian intervention.
Second, there is the finding that the gatekeepers we interviewed appear to adhere to the liberalist conceptions of the cultural discount theory.
Houston had helped found America's first Owenite community at Haverstraw, New York, in 1826-27; Underhill, later president of the Ohio Moral and Philosophical Society and publisher of the freethought Cleveland Liberalist, had briefly joined that community before moving to the Kendal Community in 1827-28.
For example, for the liberalists, increased trade and investment across the Taiwan Strait hints at growing interdependence between China and Taiwan that is averse to conflict (Rosen and Wang, 2011).
South Korea's electorate is divided among generations, with those in their 20s to 40s having a more liberalist inclination of politics and voting for opposition parties.
In particular, the discussion in Chapter 14 about the Liberalist database is substantive.
Likewise, mainstream liberalist theory cannot account for the Abe effect, given that Japan's economy remains highly integrated through trade, investment, and financial networks.
The concept of security community is a step towards peace, it has been derived from the Liberalist school of thought; it is characterized by the absence of war and military.
Critical of both liberalist and realist US scholarship on international relations, represented by Fukuyama and Huntington, respectively, Katzenstein takes his cues instead from Karl Deutsch, Randall Collins, and Shmuel Eisenstadt and talks about "civilizational states" (p.
The liberalist tradition is vulnerable in the struggle against the second evil.
In this regard, the Zahiri jurists maintain the position of textualists approach while the majority of jurists maintain the liberalist position.
There's a less psychological way of reading the Freudian tradition, in other words, a way that refuses the inaugural liberalist gesture of considering the psychic and the social as conceptually distinct categories.
and informed by O'Faolain's own liberalist agenda; it is a point which Matthews appears to overlook.