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Synonyms for liberalize

Synonyms for liberalize

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

become more liberal

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Digby Jones believes liberalising gambling laws could damage society
An evaluation of the supplier competencies that TPIs increasingly target in a liberalising energy market to claim their share of revenue streams.
As a result, Telemig Celular/Amazonia Celular is one of the largest telecommunications operators in South America and has played a significant role in liberalising telecommunications in the region.
Cinemas are changing: China is liberalising its cinema market following WTO and CEPA.
Denmark is one of the first to liberalise its gambling market - The Danish government is one of the first in both the EU and Scandinavia to respond to the growing market share of Internet gambling operators and to the increasing pressure of the European Commission by liberalising its gambling market.
The central bank is considering the possibility of liberalising foreign exchange regulations.
By liberalising flights we are essentially solving the problem of seasonality by bringing more tourists, enabling our hotels to stay open during the winter period," Mitsopoulos said.
She warned that hiking the electricity tariffs and liberalising fuel prices would increase the cost of food and non-food items and deepen poverty in the society.
The UK is at the forefront of liberalising the rules affecting professional bodies.
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So will visit Guangzhou tomorrow to speak at a conference on liberalising trade in services between Hong Kong and Guangdong.
The countries have created a roadmap for liberalising air travel and, under this, privileges will be extended to other cities in the member countries by 2010.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) Council of Ministers yesterday (Monday 16-7) approved a deal with European Parliament over liberalising most fixed food prepackaging sizes in the EU.
Environmental and energy products; the benefits of liberalising trade.
CHIEF Constable Brunstrom has been speaking in favour of liberalising the drug laws again.
Delegates also agreed that members should consider liberalising international air cargo operations as soon as possible.