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Synonyms for liberalise

become more liberal

make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules

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The government of Indonesia is said to be looking to liberalise the banking sector to bring ASEAN banks to par with domestic banks.
The government has already put in motion a series of measures that are expected to drastically liberalise the visa regime in the country.
The central bank of Ukraine has said that it would liberalise the currency market to meet demands from the International Monetary Fund.
Central America will immediately liberalise the majority of the EU's fish exports (78% in value), the remaining 22% to be liberalised after ten years.
Talking about the liberalisation of the sector, Al Khusaibi said: "Since its establishment, the TRA has been implementing a strategic plan to liberalise the sector and introduce competition in a fair and transparent manner.
DENMARK has been ordered by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to liberalise rules restricting foreign registered company car use in Denmark by Danish residents who work outside the country.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-1 March 2005-Denmark to liberalise Shop Law - report(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A WARWICKSHIRE Euro-MP has assured county councillors they should not worry about plans to liberalise international trading.
THE moves to liberalise gambling laws have been met with a mixed reaction.
John Pratt, managing partner at Pinsent Curtis Biddle, said the ruling announced in Luxembourg would not affect proposals to liberalise UK law.
Denmark is one of the first to liberalise its gambling market - The Danish government is one of the first in both the EU and Scandinavia to respond to the growing market share of Internet gambling operators and to the increasing pressure of the European Commission by liberalising its gambling market.
IN WHAT seems like an about-turn from previous decisions that could have spelled disaster for the Ayia Napa and Paralimni holiday resorts, Russia has given the green light for additional flights to Cyprus during the winter season, following a decision to liberalise the air routes between the countries.
Pitroda further underscored the need to liberalise India's languishing education sector.
The European Commission presented a draft decision, on 16 September, to the EU Council and the European Parliament on an agreement that would further liberalise trade with Morocco in agri-food and fisheries products.
The agreement will amend and further liberalise the US-Japan bilateral air services agreement.