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All will try to protect the true identity of their bloggers and that's why people feel so safe in making libellous and abusive comments.
What the council has asked for is that the owner of this website doesn't allow libellous statements in the same way as the editor of the Gazette would not allow libellous statement in his paper.
The new trend of cyberloafing costs all businesses, but the threat of libellous or commercially sensitive data being sent out could cost them an awful lot more at Christmas than any other time of year.
Spears claimed the article was libellous because it portrayed her as "acting goofy" while watching the alleged footage - which she denied existed anyway - with her lawyers.
The allegation has been denied by Tsang's press secretary, who refused to comment on whether Tsang would take legal action against any possible libellous content, reported the South China Morning Post.
The statement read: "Supporters should ignore the totally false and libellous email currently in circulation concerning Teddy Sheringham.
The e:)scan service, which is designed to protect systems from viruses, spamming, offensive and libellous materials and large file attachments, is undertaken remotely via MessageNet's data centres in Reading and Docklands in the UK.
HarperCollins and Donald Macintyre have confirmed that the libellous statements were untrue and have apologised to John Booth.
Montrose insiders revealed a fellow priest who had also served in Africa was the source of the libellous allegations that sparked the biggest scandal in the station's history, a Sunday newspaper reported.
A BUSINESSMAN won pounds 22,000 damages yesterday from a former pal who created a fake and libellous Facebook site
Sadly I have been victimised, abused and had libellous and slanderous things thrown at me,'' said Doyle.
SMG says that by leaving the issue vague, employers are putting themselves at risk of accusations of bullying or invasion of privacy from staff and are allowing staff to waste time or send potentially libellous or unsuitable material from their desk tops.
Lawyers at Shearer's management company, the Marquee Group, believe the article is libellous, leading people to gain the wrong impression of Shearer.
A Government-run web site has been closed down after it was bombarded with abusive and libellous comments.
Civic chiefs are furious over what they call libellous allegations made by a blogger called Mr Monkey.