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Libber was the only member of her immediate family to survive the Holocaust; she survived by hiding in a forest and was rescued by a woman in Poland.
Given the terms of this unstated argument, any criticism of this postfeminism automatically slots the critic into the role of the relic, the leftover women's libber still fighting battles that no longer need to be fought.
I'm not a women's libber, so none of this 'chairperson' bit," Myrtle Lee told Hawaii Business in 1975.
Gunter is a conservative Republican and fundamentalist Christian and declares that she is "no women's libber.
Bartlett EE, Grayson M, Barker R, Levine DM, Golden A, Libber S.
She began by saying, "I am not a women's libber, but .
That was your fantasy, to sit like swells: Primped, feminine, your thoughts all bagatelles And me the waiter's tyrant, me John Wayne, Me Tarzan, you - a Woman's Libber - Jane.
A whole generation of women workers inevitably expresses feminism with the disclaimer "I'm not a women's libber, but.
I'd been a radical, feminist women's libber, having come from an upper middle-class background, and he came from a working-class background, and we both shared a real sense of justice.
While Tripp was no gay libber in the movement sense--he never publicly came out--he belonged to the gay tribe and looked at evidence through a lens that he undoubtedly acquired from leading a gay life.
She imagined Andy, weird John, and Frank sitting around their smoky living room with the patterned mirror walls, listening to Frank's erudite, nasal-voiced admirers arguing politics or the merits of post-minimalism while rolling Frank's joints for him--always talking the libber talk but walking the groupie walk.
One women's libber, Camille Paglia, said her problem wasn't men, but food.
The libber Ls are outraged for Tina and think she should not let him in the house.
The artist depicts the star of Maude, that '70s sitcom about an uppermiddle-class do-gooder, women's libber, and suburban wit--not Arthur's later incarnation in The Golden Girls.