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a statistical technique used in glottochronology

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Although lexicostatistics is highly questionable as the sole method of determining language relatedness (Trask 1996: 361-2), it may hint at how closely related these four varieties are to one another, or at least to what extent they have diverged (and later converged) since splitting off.
1956 "The ABC's of Lexicostatistics (Glottochronology).
Let me reiterate what John Huehnergard wrote in his essay: "It is disappointing that a number of scholars continue to use glottochronology and lexicostatistics as the basis of their internal classifications of Semitic" (p.
Data for many of these languages have never appeared in the literature before, and few of them have been included in previous studies except those based on lexicostatistics and intelligibility testing.
Lexicostatistics and Dravidian Differentiation in Situ.
Neither anecdotal evidence (such as Table 4 here) nor lexicostatistics is convincing.
In addition, a lexicostatistic study is carried out both with subclassificatory and glottochronological goals.