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the branch of linguistics that studies the lexical component of language

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One of the most interesting aspects of the study is that it shows the efficiency of certain methodological assumptions, as described in section 2, in the task of reconstructing the lexicological configuration of a lexical class (section 3).
Summing up, the contributions selected for this edited volume are all of a high quality, innovative and undoubtedly relevant for quite a diverse number of areas of the field of Corpus Linguistics, notably lexicological studies, language variation and change, translation studies and language acquisition.
The purpose of this investigation is (1) to find scientific lexicological definitions for four performative verbs and one approximating them, and (2) to compare them (2a) mutually and (2b) to definitions in four modern English monolingual dictionaries: Collins COBUILD English language dictionary (Sinclair 1987; hereafter abbreviated to C), Hornby's Oxford advanced learner's dictionary (Hornby, Ashby & Wehmeier 2000; hereafter H), Webster's II new college dictionary 2005 (2005; hereafter W II), and Macmillans English dictionary for advanced learners (Rundell 2007; hereafter M), as well as to Anna Wierzbicka's explicatives.
Problems posed by distinguishing polysemous senses for prepositions are still quite pronounced in lexicographic and lexicological research, and questions about the strength and emergence of antonymy relations continue to be discussed in the literature.
Lipatov, Matjushkin and Mosin create and describe the same two groups in the Mordvin lexicological handbook ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1983:121).
The linguistic comparison of Egyptian Pharaonic-Coptic-Semitic, even at the lexicological level (Firmin says "glottological") will not bring a positive conclusion.
Tendency also has to do with lexicological bias of the publications.
Part 1 lays the contextual scaffolding for the project, situating the conjuration in the contemporary lexicological, philosophical, and literary landscapes.
This manual contains a guideline of word-formation processes in English, a summary of basic lexicological and semantic concepts, and description and illustration of lexical and semantic historical processes.
O'Hara's lexicological play with "DAD," "addled annie," and "Brit.
In its issue, an argument finds "resistance or acceptance" which in turn coaches further development in lexicological (definition) or polemical (advocacy) fashion (Burke, 1937/1984, p.
1) Setting aside for the moment the lexicological question, we might count three distinct Oracle Bone Inscriptions (OBI) forms of the graph: (1) <[?
We PRs know the Great British media, primary destination for our press releases, is a lair of lexicological laboursaving, a kingdom of clich.