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of or relating to lexicography

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The data collected from the informants, who are native speakers of modern Kildin Saami, as compared to the lexicographic sources of the late 19th--early 20th centuries, revealed changes not only in lexical meanings, but also in the presence or absence of lexemes.
This link expresses itself in a figurative extension of meaning which does not have a figurative counterpart in the base term and does not stem from a literal meaning within the derived term, as witnessed by lexicographic evidence (that is to say, no figurative extension has been recorded for the base, no literal meaning has been recorded for the derivative, and the sense of the converted verb does not rely for its lexicographic gloss on the base or on synonymous terms even if a figurative link exists).
There is however, a representative percentage of Anglicisms specific to American Spanish, and within this category just to a certain country, as it results from the consulted lexicographic works.
P, B, N, and L algorithm could find the lexicographic order for the forest on the model.
The Lexicographic optimization takes objective in order: optimizing one, then a second subject to the first achieving its optimal value, and so on.
refining the lexicographic representation of metonymically motivated regular polysemy (see Wojciechowska 2012).
Parameters Setting values Population size 400 Number ofgenerations 150 Lexicographic selection True Max tree depth 4 Max nodes per tree Inf Functional set times, minus, plus, pdivide, sin, cos, exp, mypower Terminal set Number of inputs: 6, constants range: [-10 10] Max genes 3 Using fitness function regressmulti_fitfun.
This study uses a lexicographic approach as well as ethnolinguistic methods to explore Camfranglais (also known as Francanglais) , which is spoken in the language contact region of the towns for former British Cameroon and former French Cameroon.
Marcilla, whose Estudio de los Antiguos Alfabetos Filipinos, published in 1895, collected and reprinted the Ilocano and other lexicographic studies of his Augustinian confreres from the 17th century.
Economists' predictions are most apt when rebutting people who claim to have lexicographic preferences--meaning, they would trade all their wealth and resources for one more unit of a good (say, their child's safety).
Problems posed by distinguishing polysemous senses for prepositions are still quite pronounced in lexicographic and lexicological research, and questions about the strength and emergence of antonymy relations continue to be discussed in the literature.
However, among all of these many linear time algorithms, it is argued that those based on the so-called Lexicographic Breadth-First Search involve relatively simple data structure and are hence easier to implement [5, 11, 13, 48].
We now introduce four fundamental graph products: the Cartesian product, the direct product, the strong product, and the lexicographic product.
The collection is framed within a corpus linguistics approach exploring theoretical, methodological, lexicographic and pedagogical issues of biomedical English lexicology.
Say the same lexicographic or geographic ignorance occurs when reading a paperback.