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a compiler or writer of a dictionary

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The scholars and lexicographers of Urdu have been very much aware of the language variation that took place because of the gender of the speakers and have compiled some dictionaries.
Perhaps the best way is emulate the great American lexicographer Noah Webster's tribute to his British predecessor.
A genuine and normally successful attempt to enter the world of late eighteenth century Scottish scholarship is provided, opening up a sense not only of Jamieson as a pioneer lexicographer but also as a dissenting minister, sometimes unhappy in his charge, a natural cosmopolitan who found himself in a 'provincial' milieu in his early career which he nonetheless used in his increasing confidence to map out Scots usage semantically and geographically.
Of special note is the inclusion of a language-change index based on grammarian, lexicographer, and editor Bryan A.
Erin McKean, CEO of Wordnik and chief consulting editor for the American dictionaries for Oxford University Press, who is the first lexicographer to join the board; and Ray Lester, editor-in-chief of The New Walford: Guide to Reference Resources and former head of library and information services at the Natural History Museum.
In addition to writing novels, Idriss was a lexicographer, a translator, and the founder of Al-Adab magazine.
It's in three sections, Tolkien as Lexicographer, Tolkien as Word Wright, and Word Studies, are followed by an epilogue which assesses Tolkien's influences on the English Language.
Lexicographer Erin McKean is the author of Totally Weird And Wonderful Words.
It is a well-known phenomenon that companies try to protect their brands in this way," responds lexicographer Ton den Boon.
William Safire (1929 - ), American journalist, speechwriter, historian, novelist, lexicographer
She has worked as a contracted researcher and writer for Parenting Press, and as a lexicographer for the Pearson Group as well as for Random House.
After his brief war service he became an assistant lexicographer for the Oxford English Dictionary, the last word on the English language.
It is an admittedly arbitrary and unsatisfactory policy, but the best available, and without it, as one leading German lexicographer reportedly explains, "lexicographers would have to think.
Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions' by US lexicographer Orin Hargreaves is a new book which deciphers the differences between British and American-English language.
Distinguished lexicographer, GS scholar, and professor emeritus of English at Columbia University, Dr.