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make or coin into a word or accept a new word into the lexicon of a language

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We intend to show that all BP motion verbs lexicalize the realization of an event, although they do not constitute a single verb class10.
The grammatical feature specification of a given lexical item determines which heads in the syntactic structure it can lexicalize.
The focus of this section is on the three verbs that lexicalize the general topological meanings of containment, kpe 'be.
Given the LS in (25a), each verb lexicalizes one of the possible undergoer choices: steal lexicalizes the default selection, in which the lowest ranking argument in terms of the AUH is the undergoer, while rob lexicalizes the non-default selection.
Among the typological traits that characterize the members of the Mayan language family is a relatively large form class of roots that lexicalize, in their overwhelming majority, noninherent ("stage-level") spatial properties of objects, animals, and people.
It is our opinion that they lexicalize a causative change of location, rather than a causative change of possession (16).
A lexical domain is constituted by the set of lexemes which together lexicalize all or part of a conceptual domain.
If different languages lexicalize different sets of events in three-argument verbs, the question arises as to which set of events to investigate.
The highly variable treatment in how languages lexicalize different types of transactions, and in how grammars deal with three-participant events, suggests that human cognitive and linguistic abilities are challenged when it comes to representing interactions between three participants (consider EisenbeiB 2002 and the references therein on children's acquisition of datives).
In the discussion of ma, it was also shown that Jalonke postpositions do not distinguish between Location, Source and Goal, or locative, ablative and allative functions, because verbs and not postpositions lexicalize path relations.
Thus, it is clear from the data that Italian lexicalizes central function terms to create verb phrases with much regularity.
The stative verb construction of English lexicalizes the state of change into the verb form itself, whereas Japanese, which does not have the stative verb construction, must express this aspect in some other way.
The need to learn the many complex ways a language determines, subordinates, coordinates, lexicalizes and so on are often demeaned in composition literature, pooh-poohed as mere "sentence-level grammar" resulting in sentence-level errors.
11) MANNER/RESULT COMPLEMENTARITY: Manner and result meaning components are in complementary distribution: a verb lexicalizes only one.
It is possible that speakers considered the possibility that this involved a verb with the meaning 'fetch' because of contact with English, which lexicalizes the concept 'go and bring back' as fetch.