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the process of making a word to express a concept

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The similarities between grammaticalization and syntactic lexicalization do not stop here.
So let us briefly review the available evidence regarding theme-specificity in lexicalization across semantic domains.
Such lexicalizations are rare, but lexicalizations through verb-compounding involving an aspectual verb are more common.
While the evidence in Section 6 was mostly drawn from synchronic processes (with the exception of online lexicalization of classifiers in 6.
When put in general terms, crosslinguistic studies of lexicalization patterns may be said to provide a direct insight into similarities and differences in patterns of metaphorical thought, and thereby into similarities and differences in understanding of abstract concepts by speakers of different languages.
Directional expressions cross-linguistically: Nanosyntax and lexicalization.
Possibly the conservatism of the script would have obscured lexicalization at first.
Russi summarizes the evolution of Italian clitic pronouns both as individual items and as a system, mainly from the perspective of grammaticalization, though he argues that the phenomena involve both grammaticalization and lexicalization.
They postulate a general principle governing some discrepancies between Chinese and English lexicalization which states that while English has implicative action verbs such as kill, find, and learn, (9) which imply an attainment of a certain goal, their correspondences in Chinese must be expressed by means of verb compounds in which the first element indicates the action and the second one indicates the attainment of the goal of the action which is the resulting state.
However, most of all cognition verbs and other imperfective activity verbs undergo lexicalization andgrammaticalization(kuule 'listen',vaata 'look',oota 'wait',motle 'think', etc.
For instance, as many as about one half of Middle English action nouns admitting no factitive lexicalization had no one-root verbs attested in Middle English.
The lexicalization process in sentence production and naming: indirect election of words.
A sampling of topics: a usage-based approach to prototypical transitivity, transitivity and referentiality in Spanish and Rumanian, unsubcategorized objects in English resultative constructions, complex predicates in Basque, soft causatives in Spanish, a cross-linguistic inquiry into the nature of lexicalization patterns, and a study of the prefix pro- in Serbian.
A section is also devoted to the distinction between lexicalization and grammaticalization, which is fundamental to the analysis of clitics in verbi procomplementari.
The lexicalization of the notion disciple, learner, follower, etc.