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Synonyms for lexicalisation

the process of making a word to express a concept

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2001 "On the lexicalisation of conceptual metaphors: A cross-linguistic study of animal-based metaphors", in: Jozsef Andor--Tibor Szucs--Istvan Terts (eds.
In active languages the lexicalisation of verbs also reflects the active--stative rather than the transitive--intransitive dichotomy (active vs.
However, let us confront the argument that the occurrence of less here is indeed simply a reflection of lexicalisation of these plural forms, as Fowler (1926: 321) suggests concerning troops and clothes.
We can approach this problem by examining the following terms: allomorphy, lexicalisation, suppletion, and paradigm, all of which are fundamental notions related to the notion of morphological derivation.
Here, complete lexicalisation has taken place, and the head is no longer recogniscd as such.