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Synonyms for lexicalisation

the process of making a word to express a concept

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A Study in Lexicalisation Based on Social, Regional and Stylistic Variation.
Lexicalisation patterns: semantic structure in lexical forms.
Zajceva there are some lexicalisations among the Veps frequentatives such as ombelta 'sew' and kulda > kundelta 'listen; obey' ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1978 : 79) but my data does not include unambiguous lexicalised frequentatives.
Une langue peut offrir une grande quantite d'occurrences de constructions lexicalisees ou en voie de lexicalisation (cf.
2001 "On the lexicalisation of conceptual metaphors: A cross-linguistic study of animal-based metaphors", in: Jozsef Andor--Tibor Szucs--Istvan Terts (eds.
Spivak developpe longuement cet aspect de l'art d'ecriture de Conde, notamment, "la lexicalisation de la phrase-temps", "la carte du temps en relief", le "corps comme figure textuelle dotee d'une chronologie", et bien d'autres elements encore.
En effet, en espagnol, les pronoms reflexifs qui ne bloquent pas la lexicalisation d'une position actancielle ne se limitent nullement aux verbes monoactanciels.
It shows that conglomerates refer to a set of regular phenomena and account for two general trends of the lexicon : the quest for economy on the one hand and the importance of speech (parole) in the lexicalisation of complex units on the other hand.
As Kastovsky (1992: 356) puts it, the loss of productivity usually increases the tendency towards lexicalisation, with which the notions of transparency and analysability are crucial for a diachronic study.
Finally, the refining of the lexicalisation of the red range, similar in the two unrelated languages, is conceived to be the product of strong contacts between the two within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Charles Bally considere meme que la lexicalisation est un processus de "degrammaticalisation" car elle favorise le lexique aux depends de la grammaire.
Conceptual structure in lexical items; the lexicalisation of communication concepts in English, German and Dutch.
The testing of the lexical expression of semantic primes in a range of languages is governed by principles of isomorphism and lexicalisation, in such a way that the propositions that can be expressed by the NSM based on different languages will be isomorphic; and, moreover, the linguistic exponents of semantic primes will be specific lexical material.
However, let us confront the argument that the occurrence of less here is indeed simply a reflection of lexicalisation of these plural forms, as Fowler (1926: 321) suggests concerning troops and clothes.
Athalie ne pose aucune difficulte pour notre hypothese puisque le point culminant de la piece est marque ouvertement par la lexicalisation des themes de la "reconnaissance" tragique et de l'acceptation: