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The data of analysis have been retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (www.
Multilingual lexical databases, lexical gaps, and SIMuLLLDA.
We collected all monomorphemic words consisting of three or four syllables from the Dutch part of the CELEX lexical database.
1), a large lexical database for English developed and maintained at Princeton University since 1985, which is freely available online (2) and has been extensively used in NLP research [Stevenson, 2003].
To conduct this study, data has been retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (www.
Another main goal of the preparatory action is to explore how such a multilingual lexical database could facilitate access to public information and contribute to the development and use of the European digital Content.
The Afrikaans wordnet is a lexical-conceptual network in the form of an electronic lexical database, developed at the North-West University.
The ontology which is designed in this research goes further than a multi-lingual lexical database and tries to provide a visual model of terms in the domain that helps with a spatial graph of the terminology.
Frequency information was obtained from the CELEX lexical database.
The corpus of analysis of this research is based on data retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus, which contains 30170 predicates.
yourDictionary provides translation, brand-naming services and lexical database products to customers like General Motors, Volvo, DataDirect Technology, Alacritus Software, SpringToys, the Vera Institute for Justice, among many others.
Among the results are the Computerized Arabic Corpus, the Computerized English Corpus, the Computerized Bilingual Corpus, and the Arabic/English Lexical Database.