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Synonyms for leviathan

Synonyms for leviathan

one that is extraordinarily large and powerful

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the largest or most massive thing of its kind

monstrous sea creature symbolizing evil in the Old Testament

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When we designed Kratos' new Leviathan Axe, we knew it would have far more meaning not only to the game, but to our fans.
Another option would be to use a pipeline being built as part of a separate deal to sell gas from Leviathan to Jordan.
35% of the development work on the Leviathan reservoir has been completed.
Under the terms of the contract, GATE Energy will provide topside commissioning planning, onshore commissioning execution as well as offshore commissioning services of the production platform for the Leviathan Field Development Project.
5 tcf and is roughly double the size of Leviathan, expected to start production in two years, could create a gas production centre at Europe's doorstep, in an area of geopolitical tensions, Bloomberg reported.
Leviathan remains undeveloped due to the high investment of about $6 billion needed for its development.
Leviathan by An Wei Lu Li, a giant artwork which has been created in Birmingham's Centenary Square
Reports indicated the new reserves evaluation for Leviathan, prepared by SGS, came in at 16.
Federal Leviathan / Contrary to the states, the central government was largely a "liberal institution in the classical sense of that term," but it had become "democratically convulsive" by the time of Jacksonian democracy.
The discourse surrounding Andrey Zvyagintsev's Leviathan (2014) following its wins at last year's Cannes and this year's Golden Globes highlights its perversity.
Israel has been trying to extract offshore gas since the discovery of the Tamar and Leviathan fields in 2009 and 2010.
25, developers of Israel's Leviathan offshore gas field announced a preliminary deal to pump natural gas to Egypt for up to 15 years.
Investigators are checking whether the three-deck Leviathan II was taken too close to rocks for a view of seals and sea lions.
The leviathan concept, Golub argues, allows us simultaneously to avoid seeing these institutions as nothing more than epiphenomena of the microsociological (of individual agency and actors) or as macrosociological--unproblematic, reified--actors in themselves.
Failure to execute successful development scenarios for Block 12 in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone and the adjacent Leviathan within Israel's EEZ could reduce Noble's future growth and have negative effects on its operating results, the company said recently in its annual report.