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a young hare especially one in its first year

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Leveret come to the venue with an all-original new album, Inventions, which has already attracted some glowing testimonies from a broad sample of the music press.
styreapparater leveret som option) for en 10-rig periode med mulighed for forlngelse af kontrakten med 2 gange 12 mneder.
A Elver B Leveret C Eyas D Whelp QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: Which price comparison website's adverts feature the character Aleksandr Orlov?
Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue in Co Limerick said the tiny leveret was hidden in long vegetation when it died but fortunately its brother had a lucky escape.
They follow the hares, witness the wonderful hare-song to win the Golden Queen's heart, watch over the pair and their new golden she leveret until it is time for the old queen to make her final journey to the island.
Solo homers by Rene Leveret and Jonathan Malo in the fifth and seventh innings allowed Quebec to break a 4-4 tie and complete a three-game sweep of Worcester (27-66), which left 11 runners on base.
She won the Leveret at Formby, finished Boulden second in the Tenby Links down in South Wales and then retained the Caernarfonshire and District Ladies Championship at Royal St David's.
AMY Boulden celebrated her selection to play for GB and Ireland in the Curtis Cup match at Nairn from June 8-10 by winning the first prestigious 36-hole women's open tournament of the season - the Leveret Trophy over the Formby Ladies Golf Club course in Lancashire.
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We had a leap from the horse, and a foal from the mare And a whistle from the rabbit and a leveret from the hare.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-18 May 2010-Jefferies & Co handles sale of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network common stock by Leveret International(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Leveret sold the machines to Phillip for one dollar each.
Such cycles in the population density of some mammals are clearly defined, just like happens for Lepus americanus, whose interval of duration is of eight to ten years, period during which there are population peaks and declines related basically with the supply of food, predation and the leveret survival.
Animals: AARDVARK, ALPACA, AMADAVAT or AVADAVAT (Indian song bird), BLACK MAMBA (snake), CARACAL (lynx), CARACARA (vulture-like bird), MATAMATA (a turtle), HELLBENDER (salamander), LEVERET (young hare), TREECREEPER (bird), TREE SHREW, INDRIS (a lemurine animal), SISKIN (bird), KOODOO or COODOO (antelope), MOORCOCK (bird), POTOROO (kangaroo-rat), WOODCOCK (bird), CUSCUS (a marsupial)