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Synonyms for leveling

changing the ground level to a smooth horizontal or gently sloping surface


complete destruction of a building

References in classic literature ?
Quickly she snatched it from its hiding-place, and, leveling it full at the lioness's face, pulled the trigger.
When Aramis had seen to all these things, and appeared satisfied with the result of his inspection, "Let us consult Porthos," said he, "to know if we must endeavor to get the boat out by the unknown extremity of the grotto, following the descent and the shade of the cavern, or whether it be better, in the open air, to make it slide upon its rollers through the bushes, leveling the road of the little beach, which is but twenty feet high, and gives, at high tide, three or four fathoms of good water upon a sound bottom.
But even as he spoke, I was leveling my rifle upon the great brute below; and as he ceased speaking, I squeezed the trigger.
Returning to my old profession--to the army--is out of the question, in these leveling days, when any obscure person who can pass an examination may call himself my brother officer, and may one day, perhaps, command me as my superior in rank.
But when he saw a young man, calmly sitting in the machine and leveling a pistol at him, the man turned to run.