level crossing

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intersection of a railway and a road on the same level

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The message of the campaign is that level crossings are safe if used correctly, but if you run the risk the cost can be fatal.
The level crossing was never intended to be a main thoroughfare for vehicular traffic for which there is no legal consent.
Likewise, the official said that Sindh government has also provided Rs 104 million for the up gradation of 15 vulnerable level crossings.
This is the 28th level crossing to be upgraded under this program, which will boost safety at 52 road crossings when its complete.
In this regard, they said, Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique had written letters to chief executives of all provinces to release funds for the conversion of un-manned level crossings into manned level crossings.
Residents raised concerns about the design, scale and location of such a bridge and whether it would accommodate horse riders, who at present use the level crossing a great deal.
Victoria Swift was hit | by a train and killed when her shoe got stuck on this level crossing (inset)
Cowpen Bewley level crossing where a man was hit by a train.
This week, Network Rail made an "unreserved apology" through the media to those whose lives have been affected by deaths at level crossings.
They proposed "a new, more streamlined procedure to close individual level crossings where it is in the public interest to do so", and to sweep away old legal provisions superseded by more recent law.
Now the Commons Transport Committee is holding an inquiry into level crossing safety, but rail union leaders accused the ORR of "jumping the gun" by releasing its plans before the team of MPs had chance to reveal their findings.
The new cameras follow equipment installed in 2008 at its Callerton Parkway level crossing, on the edge of Newcastle.
Donald MacKay, whose parents died at an open level crossing in Caithness three years ago, said last night: "This is great news.
IN relation to this article about the lady killed on an unmanned level crossing.
Police are working alongside Network Rail to prosecute more offenders, and rail chiefs are developing better ways of detecting level crossing misuse.