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the basic unit of money in Bulgaria

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5 million leva, the order for the public procurement is only one and a half pages, experts say.
He (Reall) made a good pass to me and I lost it a little but I was able to regroup and get the shot off," Leva said.
To educate LEVA members about Carbon Drive, Gates will partner with the trade association to provide seminars, training and technical information about belt drives on eBikes.
The European Union already had signalled its willingness to help, giving approval to Bulgaria to use up to 20 million leva from the rural areas development pro-gramme fund to help the people of Bisser.
Grant Fredericks, a national video forensics expert and lead instructor to LEVA said, "With more than 12 million video surveillance systems operating in the US today, video is clearly the most prolific evidence collection resource available to law enforcement.
On February 20, the Cabinet sacked the head of the Registry Agency, Violeta Nikolova, for allegedly taking 72 000 leva in bonuses in 2011.
We're still a ways away from breaking even, but we certainly hope to make it into the black,'' said Gary Leva, who directed the film and now is working as a director and writer on several projects.
Speaking on behalf of Avon Energy Partners, Leva said, "This association of three very large and progressive electric companies provides a base for improved service to the customers of Midlands, Cinergy and GPU.
However, according to scientists, this is insufficient considering the raising of the minimum wage to 510 leva by the January next year.
The Red Cross campaign had raised more than 300000 leva in donations to a special bank account by February 9 including donations from, among many others, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria which gave 10 000 leva, the Chinese embassy which gave 15 000 leva, while the Bulgarian Ski Federation said that half of the ticket proceeds from the World Ski Cup competitions in Bansko would go to the Red Cross fund.
Most of the shooting took place in the Granada Hills home of director Gary Leva and his wife, agent and story analyst Lulu Baskins-Leva.
Leva, GPU chairman, president and chief executive officer, reviewed financial results for 1995 as well as the corporation's key strategies for the future at the 50th annual meeting of GPU shareholders in the Morris Museum here.
Currently, they take about 1848 leva, which means an increase of 120 leva.
Nothing very interesting happens to anybody here - rejection is dealt with poorly, one character decides to go gay all of a sudden - but some of it is funny enough to overcome the general air of self-involved narcissism (a tone Leva at least makes fun of in a scene at a vanity publishing outfit).