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any letter expressing an intention to take (or forgo) some action

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However, because nonbinding letters of intent are more typical, for purposes of this analysis, we will consider the situation in which the parties desire the letter of intent to be nonbinding.
Graham Corporation (AMEX: GHM) announced today that it has received two separate letters of intent for purchase orders totaling approximately $8.
It has executed letters of intent to acquire 51% or more of Beijing Boran Pharmaceutical Co.
CHHH recently entered into letters of intent to acquire 51% or more of the following pharmaceutical companies in PR China:
China Health Holding recently entered into Acquisition Letters of Intent to acquire 51% or more of four pharmaceutical companies in PR China:
Sahara and Landmark believe the ANPM's decision has been made on an incorrect interpretation of the letters of intent between Sahara and Landmark, and they are optimistic that the six permits will be restored to Sahara as soon as the ANPM has had the opportunity to review Sahara's written submissions, delivered to the ANPM in Algiers yesterday.
The Company has signed letters of intent to acquire: Vintacom Media Group, Inc.