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a sheet of stationery with name and address of the organization printed at the top

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A letter posted from Chhay Eang's Facebook account last Wednesday featured the letterhead in question.
New Delhi [India], August 1 ( ANI ): National carrier Air India has asked its crew to carry details of crew names written in Arabic on the letterhead of the Hotel Trident in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, along with their crew permit and Air India identity.
The income tax department has handed over a blank signed letterhead with the name of Jagdambika Pal.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly, Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq in a belated decision, has constituted a five-member committee to probe into the 'plundering' of national exchequer by none else but by those supposed to be the guardians of the national resources; the parliamentarians after the audit department took serious view of the issuance of medicines worth millions of rupees to the lawmakers from the Parliament House dispensary on just MPs letterheads and without a medical prescription, The Frontier Post has learnt reliably on Sunday.
Now, the Essentials 10 coupon from Print Place Coupons makes business card, letterhead, and envelope printing a steal.
I consider that the benefits of having photographs included on the letterhead are far outweighed by the minimal cost that would be saved removing them.
Allen, who runs LetterHead with her husband, Ken Herrin, said the business has felt the pinch of an ongoing economic downturn.
The court's action apparently was prompted by a recent grievance case involving a practicing lawyer and former judge who on his letterhead used the title of "Judge" and followed his name with "(Ret.
The press release was printed on BOND letterhead and posted on the group's Web site, where it was clearly identified as a "BOND Press Release.
Mohawk Fine Papers produces premium paper products--everything from letterhead to writing paper and gift cards--and eliminates the need to cut down 312,000 trees by buying 13,000 tons of post-consumer fiber.
One of the subject firms encountered in this investigation did not have a business telephone or facsimile number in its letterhead.
Teachers may also send a fax on school letterhead to 1-800-358-5218 or write on school letterhead to Video Placement Worldwide, 25 Second St.
We've continued to listen to member input and have updated the "For Members" section with "League Basics" for new and returning members and leaders; "Tools For Leaders"; ways to use the Member Section to strengthen Leagues; League "Publications" that might be used to start a new League or conduct a candidate debate; and a new "Products Center" through which Leagues can order logo-containing items such as letterhead, business cards, etc.
The letter - written on the center's letterhead and signed by its policy director and counsel Christopher T.
Yet, every law-abiding Oregonian with a college degree from a non-accredited institution will now have to draw attention to that fact--on any resume, letterhead, business card, announcement or advertisement in which the person claims to have the degree.