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dull knife used to cut open the envelopes in which letters are mailed or to slit uncut pages of books

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Mr Arif said: "He put some items in a bag to go out and in this bag was the letter opener belonging to his late mother.
The surgeon who saved his life said two poignant things: one was that if he had so much as sneezed before they removed the letter opener he would have been a goner and that his heart was like the heart of a 60-year-old man even though he was not even 30 when he was stabbed.
TO the uninitiated, it looked for all the world like a common or garden bonehandled letter opener.
Some types of desktop computers with wired keyboards have keys that can be pried off one at a time (gently) with a letter opener.
Much of the state's case rests on blood transfer patterns left on the altar cloth covering Pahl's body that forensic experts say match a dagger-like letter opener that detectives found in Robinson's apartment days after the murder.
T otesport has arranged unique awards with a Scottish theme; each owner will receive a Highland Dream paperweight and, the trainers a thistle letter opener (pictured) handblown in the Scottish Borders by Scottish Borders Art Glass.
When he finds a good piece of hardwood, such as ironwood or black walnut, he loves to turn it into a highly polished dagger-shaped letter opener.
Shaped like a credit card, this rigid plastic envelope contains a letter opener, small scissors, a pin, a toothpick, a ballpoint pen, a ruler, tweezers, a quadruple screwdriver, a magnifying glass and - in a true sign of modernity - an LED light.
Silver letter opener inscribed 'To Scotland's first First Minister' and given to Donald by the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh at the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.
Upgrade dad's professional image with distinctive, dynamic and superbly designed Cross personal business accessories, including portfolio, pen case, Morph2 rollerball pen, and polished chrome key ring, letter opener and money clip.
Accompanying the invitations was an imprinted letter opener in the shape of a CD.
The Jelly SwissCard has 10 useful features--ruler (cm and ins), ballpoint pen, tweezers, nail-file, scissors, toothpick, letter opener, steel pin, screwdriver and protractor.
if you're feeling brave you can try this trick with a letter opener or a steak knife.
In the House, the unpleasant bosses include Mark Sanford, who asks his aides to wash his sheets, Sheila Jackson Lee, who "had an intern positioned at her side all day so he'd be ready to open her Sweet 'n Low packets for her," and John Conyers, whose staff's dudes include "babysitting and changing soiled diapers" Rick Hill threw a letter opener at an aide.
That issue hasn't been one to which I've given much thought, as the subject hasn't ever come up for me personally (unless you count the Kiwanis letter opener a grateful club once gave me for keeping a post-lunch talk to less than 15 minutes).