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a sheet of stationery with name and address of the organization printed at the top

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The letter heading is designed in the form of a ship, containing the Arabic formula Ya qaai al-hajat ('O Judge of Wishes').
Winners are entitled to fly the award flag and display the emblem on their letter headings, goods, packaging, and articles for employees, such as ties and lapel badges.
However, the original letter they produced was compiled from one of our old letter headings, which unfortunately meant they had Lord Newall down as our chairman instead of Sir William Rous.
Mr Thayne fears that a change in the ambulance service will mean unnecessary expenditure on changing names and letter headings, repainting ambulances and redundancy pay-offs.
To implement all of these changes must have cost a fortune in new road signs, new council letter headings, respraying council vehicles, etc, not to mention the cost of employing vast numbers of civil servants to fill the newly created roles each time a change took place.
Once qualified, she made the move to London to work in various studios specialising in typography, logos, brochures, letter headings and signs.
Steve Brice, secretary of The Queen's Awards Office, said: 'Most winners of the award are happy to use the famous emblem on flags and letter headings, in advertisements and on websites, on ties for men and brooches for women.
The move to revive the old dialling code for Coventry, Nuneaton and Bedworth, was condemned by businesses who had to fork out to change letter headings and advertising.
So now I have all my letter headings with Northumberland added.
I would extend it to business cards and letter headings not just labels and tags.
The award, which is due to be presented by Prince Andrew later this year, means the ERA can use the Duke of York's Initiative logo on letter headings and printed materials.
Winners benefit from the prestige associated with the awards and are entitled to fly the award flag and display the emblem on their letter headings.
Winners are invited to attend a reception held by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace and can use the award emblem on letter headings and advertising for a five year period.
Successful organisations are entitled to fly the award flag and display the emblem on their letter headings, the goods they produce and articles used by employees.