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a man who delivers the mail

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The National Association of Letter Carriers noticed the success of the program and, after a 1993 test run in Phoenix, Ariz.
Dogs are protective in nature and may view our letter carriers handing mail to their owner as a threat," Safety Director Linda DeCarlo said in Houston.
Where was the Cleveland letter carrier who saved a ninety-one-year-old man's life after noticing piled-up mail and no footprints in the snow; a Houston letter carrier who saved two children from a burning home; an Akron letter carrier who saved a woman who was trapped for six days in her bedroom after an ulcer erupted; a Rye Brook letter carrier who rescued an elderly couple from a burning home; an Idaho mailman who saved a church after the gas had been left on for over twelve hours; and many others.
No full-time letter carriers will lose their jobs as a result of the change, said Todd Skulnik, a USPS communications coordinator for the New Hampshire and Vermont region.
Many letter carriers may not cooperate, trashing the postcard instead, but it's worth the effort.
Up and down Langdon Avenue -- a long stretch of apartment buildings in Van Nuys -- residents were saying the same thing about Stark, their letter carrier, who is retiring.
Reimer told Postal Record, a publication of the National Association of Letter Carriers, that he found the judicial process more difficult in some ways than the pursuit and apprehension of the culprits: "There were a couple of continuances, but I had to show up every time, plus the trial, and all of it was off the clock--I ended up using a lot of annual [leave].
More alarming is that 60 percent of the victims were small children and 900 times as likely to be bitten as a letter carrier.
4 point increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers; a new starting rate for new hires, set at 90 percent of the prior starting rate; a decrease in the ratio of full-time/part-time employees in large post offices, from 90 percent to 80 percent for jobs held by Postal Worker members and from 90 percent to 88 percent for jobs held by Letter Carrier members; and the stablishment of a new category of noncareer "automation/transition" employee.
To contribute food items to the Letter Carriers' Food Drive, just leave a bag of nonperishable food out by your mailbox today, and your letter carrier will pick it up and deliver it to FOOD for Lane County, Junction City Local Aid or your local food bank.
That's what the guys are doing for Ernie Espinoza, a Canoga Park letter carrier and Desert Storm veteran who has enough to worry about in Iraq right now.
If I were a letter carrier, I would put a letter and a package in everybody's mailbox everyday.
One interesting thing about the rude clerk stories and circulate from friend to friend is how starkly they contrast with another set of postal anecdotes: the letter carrier as hero.
Another letter carrier the NALC noted for heroism was Lawrence Swain, an 11-year Postal Service veteran who lives with his wife, Lou Ella, in Boyce, Louisiana, but delivers mail in nearby Alexandria.
But at least one letter carrier responsible for starting the program nearly 30 years ago is confident the community can pick up the pace and meet the overall goal of 150,000 pounds this coming Saturday.