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Synonyms for lethargic

Synonyms for lethargic

Synonyms for lethargic

deficient in alertness or activity


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Maybe it was lethargic, maybe not everyone pulled their weight but we have to forget about it and move on.
This utilitarian, even somber, coloration, coupled with a support gently buckled into lethargic, arrhythmic waves, creates a visual calmness and uniformity that runs counter to the colorful, animated chaos of the drawings.
After the pilots have been flying their aircraft for a long period of time, they can become lethargic and sluggish when they try to land.
LETHARGIC carp would not feed in the high water temperatures at Mescar Lake and the man who spotted the need for a change in fishing style was Stan Phillips, who won with 32lb of rudd.
No clinical signs were observed in six cats that were injected with SARS-CoV, whereas three of six ferrets that were injected with SARS-CoV became lethargic within 2 to 4 days postinfection, and one of the three ferrets died at day 4 postinfection (1,2).
You may be able to solve this problem with a letter from your daughter's doctor specifying that she must be home within 30 minutes after school is dismissed because a more lengthy ride causes her to be exhausted and lethargic.
But a seasonal factor -- summer's imminent arrival -- could render this already lethargic market inert.
After the subject was placed in a holding cell, Trooper King noticed that the man had become quiet and lethargic, and his breathing, was slow and laborious.
Trading remained lethargic with 211 million shares changing hands worth 1.
He was so lethargic from the effects of the psychotropic drugs," continues Clement, "that he couldn't participate in the rehab therapy his surgeon had recommended.
The sailors eat the fruit and become lethargic and listless, losing all desire to continue their journey.
Despite this, she quickly became lethargic and died before dialysis to remove the salicylate from her bloodstream could be started.
Some of the symptoms that pet owners should watch for are high fever, dehydration, vomiting and lethargic behavior.
The creature was lethargic and very thin and his left flipper was not moving when he was found, say RSPCA Cymru.
ISLAMABAD -- The recreational spots of federal capital goes unchecked due to lethargic attitude of the authorities concerned.