lethal gene

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any gene that has an effect that causes the death of the organism at any stage of life

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Their offspring inherit the lethal gene and then die before they can reproduce because they are not treated with tetracycline.
Other mosquito-limiting tactics have included modifying males to be unable to fly (and that have offspring that also cannot fly), injecting mosquitoes with bacteria that makes their offspring dengue-free, and genetically altering them so that they pass on a lethal gene to their offspring that kills them before they reach adulthood.
I FULLY sympathise with any family that wants to rid itself of a lethal gene.
The breed became virtually extinct after developing a lethal gene that rendered a large proportion of their eggs infertile.
In one fruit fly line, the team inserted a three-part genetic time bomb: a lethal gene that disrupts signaling in cells, a switch controlling it that flips only in females, and a control for that switch that keeps it in its off state when the fly consumes the antibiotic tetracycline.