lethal gene

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any gene that has an effect that causes the death of the organism at any stage of life

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Furthermore if lethal defects present in a small number of popular bulls and haven't been detected the lethal gene frequency can increase rapidly in population.
The mosquitoes contain a lethal gene but are kept alive in the laboratory with the help of the antibiotic tetracycline.
Debbie knew she had the same potentially lethal gene that prompted her famous niece to have the operation on her breasts.
In 2012, genetically modified male mosquitoes containing a lethal gene have been developed and released to the environment to fight Dengue fever which is responsible for the death of thousands of people worldwide (6).
Other mosquito-limiting tactics have included modifying males to be unable to fly (and that have offspring that also cannot fly), injecting mosquitoes with bacteria that makes their offspring dengue-free, and genetically altering them so that they pass on a lethal gene to their offspring that kills them before they reach adulthood.
These lethal gene constructs are dominant-negative (dn) constructs of the human cyclin-G1 gene, a pivotal cycle-control element.