lethal dose

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the size dose that will cause death

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Similarly, mice treated with a compound that inhibits PGE2 showed enhanced antiviral immunity and survival rates following infection with a lethal dose of the flu virus compared with untreated mice.
Abstract: Lethal and sublethal toxicity of the neem oil Bioneem[R] to the predatory mite Proprioseiopsis neotropicus (Acari: Phytoseiidae) were evaluated by combining lethal doses (LD) with population growth and biological parameter studies.
Mice were then injected with a lethal dose of snake venom and given a specific dose of antibodies.
The mental stability of patients requesting lethal doses is a legitimate concern, but no evidence suggests that such a change is needed.
Preston Crown Court had heard how the doctor would visit the victims in their homes and administer a lethal dose of morphine.
John Henry had said there was "no doubt" that the ex-spy had been poisoned by a potentially lethal dose of thallium.
In this assay, mice that receive an intraperitoneal injection containing a sample with more than a minimum lethal dose show symptoms of botulinum intoxication and die.
The objectives of this study were to determine the lethal dose range for NaCl in a representative passerine species (house sparrow [Passer domesticus]); to determine the clinical, physiologic, and pathologic effects of sublethal and lethal oral NaCl exposure; and to assess the potential for recovery after exposure to granular salt or highly concentrated salt solutions.
A glass of a lethal dose of barbiturates is a method of euthanasia that is legal in Switzerland, where Dr Anne Turner (right) chose to end her life last week.
The technology utilizes AIST's proprietary carbohydrate ligand to detect even 15ng of ricin, 1/10,000 the amount of lethal dose, in just 10 minutes, and, with combined use of three synthesized sugar derivatives fixed on a toxin sensor chip, identifies RCA60 and RCA120, similarly structured recin agglutinin.
All the same, in March they received help in obtaining a lethal dose of drugs from Dignitas.
Ruth Vespa, 38, took the lethal dose of paracetamol after receiving a letter from her employers about her work.
Bosses at Newcastle Telewest Arena arranged tight security for the Godskitchen Spring Ball last March, because Russell Kirby, 18, from Northumberland, had taken a lethal dose of ecstasy during an Arena event organised by Godskitchen last October.
Earlier pre-clinical studies at the Institute support the fact that systemic (injected) administration of soluble and particulate forms of beta 1,3 glucan, obtained from yeast cell walls, can combat radiation effects, enhancing the recovery of white blood cells and increasing the survival rate in mice given a lethal dose of radiation.
Determination of lethal dose and recovery dose was achieved by direct observation of irradiated cultures of trophozoites.